How to unlock the Duellist Prerogative in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Slash your foes in Baldur’s Gate 3 with this legendary Duellist Prerogative, a Rapier Weapon. Find out the best ways to procure this amazing equipment.

Unlocking legendary weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 is done in many ways. Legendary weapons are the best equipment to complete the difficult challenges of the final act in the game. Some legendary weapons can be farmed from treasure chests and by slaying enemies. Some are sold by merchants and traders.

Also, you will be able to get your hands on these powerful items by completing side-quests and boss fights. Be it axes, daggers, crossbows or rapiers, all these weapons are available in different rarities. The key to unlocking them is to explore new stories in the game. New weapons will be unlocked once you meet new companions and complete their questlines.

Duellist’s Prerogative is a legendary rapier weapon that deals heavy necrotic damage. Duellist Prerogative comes with Finesse weapon properties. You have to complete an NPC questline to get this reward. Negotiating with NPCs is a tricky challenge in the game. Here are the best ways to obtain the Duellist Prerogative weapon and use it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Duellist Prerogative Rapier – Uses!

Duellist Prerogative is a magical rapier. You can collect this weapon from traders and also by completing a questline. Save Vanra, the main quest in act 2 grants you the rapier as a free reward. This quest is all about saving Vanra, the daughter of NPC Lora who’s in big trouble.

Baldur's Gate 3 Duellist Prerogative
Duellist Weapon

To acquire this quest, you have to reach Basilisk Gate in the Lower City. Here, you have to meet Lora and also inquire about her daughter, Vanra. Vanra is missing and you have to investigate the Blushing Mermaid and meet Aunty Ethel. You will find some clues in the Blushing Mermaid that will lead you to finding her.

Use Hag’s Bane and kill Aunty Ethel to find the whereabouts of Vanra. Once you save Vanra, you can meet Lora and complete the quest as well. Both Lora and Vanra will thank you for the help and you will unlock the weapon as well.

Duellist Prerogative is a precious weapon. This Rapier can be used in Main Hand. Here’s how you can use it,

  • Elegant Duellist – Roll  a 1d19 and you can score a critical hit when off-hand is empty. Also, additional reaction is unlocked per turn
  • Withering Cut – Unleash an attack with a melee weapon and use a reaction to deal a huge Necrotic damage that’s equal to your proficiency bonus 
  • Unlock Dueller’s enthusiasm effect and make an additional melee attack.
  • Challenge to Duel spell is unlocked. You can challenge a target and inflict them with bleeding effects
  • The weapon’s proficiency adds Flourish, Piercing Strike and Weakening Strike
  • Weapon’s Enchantment will be +3 and this works well within 2m radius

That’s how you can use the Duellist’s Prerogative rapier in the game. It will be an excellent pick for side-quests, puzzle-quests and boss battles. Overall, the Duellist Prerogative is an excellent weapon for the final act in Baldur’s Gate 3. Save Vanra in Lora’s questline and collect the weapon as your reward.

Just like Rapier, other weapons like daggers, spears, swords, crossbows and axes are all powerful. With these types of equipment, you can level up fast in the game. Weapons along with gear items are the best equipment to tackle enemies.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you Unlock the Slayer Form on Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Slayer Form possesses nightmare abilities. Players in Baldur’s Gate III who are a loyal follower of Bhaal can acquire this form. It’s safe to get the Slayer Form, but your stories and endings will be different.

Can you play companion quests in Baldur’s Gate III?

Companion quests are both optional and non-optional at times. But these quests of Baldur’s Gate III will change the course of the game and you will be able to explore different stories. The new stories and companions change the dimensions of the game and these quests also grant exp, gold and plenty of weapons and resources as rewards. So, you can play these quests in all acts of the game.

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