How To Defeat Ketheric Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Defeating the Baldur’s Gate 3 Ketheric Thorm boss will take you to the final act in the game. So, find out the best strategies to beat Ketheric Thorm.

To complete the second act of  Baldur’s Gate 3, you have to overcome a boss fight challenge. Once you reach the final chapters in Act II, you will have to tussle against the Ketheric Thorm boss. Ketheric is a beast and you can reach the final act after beating him. This challenge takes place in Moonrise Towers. Your first encounter against Ketheric Thorm will be a failure and the boss will also disengage. So, you have to find him in act 2.

The boss fight against Ketheric Thorm will be held in a couple of phases where he will be aggressive in each stage. Ketheric Thorm will summon some undead enemies along with a cultist. You will play as a group and make sure to procure all armor sets, skills , spells and weapons to overcome this challenge. Here’s our guide and walkthrough to defeat the Ketheric Thorm boss in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Ketheric Thorm Boss Fight Guide and Walkthrough!

Reach Mind Flayer colony. Also, refill your hp and complete a long rest before the challenge. You have to find a grand stage and identify the Neural Apparatus. Complete a small interaction and then proceed to enter the location where the boss stays. 

Baldur's Gate 3 Ketheric Thorm
Ketheric boss

Beware that Nightsong will make Ketheric Thorm powerful. Before taking on Ketheric Thorm, you can slay the Nightsong to ensure the boss is not supported. Free the NPC, Nightsong and then proceed to find the boss in Moonrise Towers.

You have to carry melee weapons and fire spells to overcome Ketheric Thorm and its skeletons. The boss will be aided by Necromites, Mind Flayers and Intellect Devourers. Here are some tips and tricks to beat Ketheric Thorm,

Phase 1

Phase one takes place on the rooftop. Ketheric will summon Necromites and other Skeletons. You have to counterattack with ranged weapons, aoe spells and status ailment effects. You have to split your attacks. One can focus on Necromites and the rest can attack Mindflayer. While, you can deal damage to Ketheric and make him lose his first hp bar. This phase will be easy and you have to clear small skeletons and drain the boss’ hp bar. Avoid getting unwanted damage and throw potions in between.

Use more melee attacks and stun him with crowd control effects. The boss will disappear and spawn at Mindflayer colony for the next phase.

Phase 2

This phase will be difficult. You have to rescue the Nightsong npc from the cage. Once you free her, you will be supported by her melee attacks. Also, a bunch of Necromites, Mindflayer and Intellect Devourers will arrive.

Use a ranged unit to attack Mindflayer and melee for others. You can use Frost and Thunder spells as these deal a huge amount of damage. Also, you can use chilled effects whenever the boss loses energy.

Once Ketheric Thorm becomes vulnerable, he will summon the Lord of Bones, Myrkul.  You have to save Nightsong using the Help Actions, else it will be very difficult to fight against the boss in last phase. Ketheric will be boosted by his master’s skills and this makes it hard for your party. Again, you have to use your ranged weapons and perform continuous attacks. Use a spell and wear shields to avoid losing hp.

Once Ketheric is out of hp, he will collapse along with other NPCs. The darkness of act 2 will wipe out and you will reach the final act as well.

You and Aylin can retrieve the Netherstone from the platform. Netherstone has been used to control the Absolute, Elder Brain. You have to collect the remaining parts of Netherstone from Orin and Gortash. Also, you have to complete the remaining objectives to progress to the next act.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Ketheric Thorm boss fight in Baldur’s Gate 3. After beating the boss, you will reach the final phase of the game. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Wizard a Good Class in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wizards are your magical heroes. They have massive abilities and can deal colossal damage. The best thing about playing as a wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is you get access to all types of spells and scrolls. Wizard is an arcane magic and stun enemies with their crowd control and status ailment effects. You can pair wizards with cleric and druid.

How many NPCs are there in Baldur’s Gate 3?

There are different types of NPCs. You can find hundreds of NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3. Traders, merchants, enemies, companions, origins and more companions are there in every act.

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