How to Obtain Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials


Want to know how to obtain the Outlast Trials Release Tokens? This guide will help you with all the information you need.

In The Outlast Trials, the pursuit of Release Tokens is a crucial aspect of the game, as these tokens play a pivotal role in your quest to escape the brutal and horrifying world you find yourself in. Obtaining the Release Tokens not only serves as a primary goal but also grants you access to various benefits, including unlocking outfits. However, acquiring these tokens can be quite challenging. This guide will provide you with the necessary information on how to obtain the Outlast Trials Release Tokens.

How to get the Outlast Trials Release Tokens

Complete Programs

Release Tokens are awarded to players upon the completion of each Program within the game. Currently, in the early access version, there are three Programs available for completion, either individually or with the assistance of friends. By successfully conquering these initial three Programs, you will unlock a fourth Program, Program X. It’s worth noting that more Programs are expected to be introduced upon the game’s full release.

Achieving High Grades and Milestones

Merely completing the trials within a Program does not guarantee the Outlast Trials Release Token. To earn a token, you must achieve high grades in all the milestones within each trial. The grading system may not be explicitly defined within the game, but it is advisable to aim for near perfection. By performing exceptionally well in each trial, you increase your chances of obtaining a Release Token.

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The Importance Of The Outlast Trials Release Tokens

The Outlast Trials Release Tokens hold tremendous significance as they act as a key component in your journey towards the game’s conclusion. Acquiring ten Release Tokens allows you to overcome The Outlast Trials and emerge victorious. Upon completing the game, you attain the status of being Reborn, allowing you to replay the trials. 

The advantage of being Reborn is that you retain all your progress and possessions. It’s important to note that as you progress as a Reborn player, the challenges become increasingly difficult, but the rewards also become more amazing.


Unlocking Legendary Outfits as a Reborn Player

When you achieve Reborn status, you gain access to a range of legendary outfits. These outfits can be acquired using the credits you earn for successfully surviving each trial. The legendary outfits not only enhance your character’s appearance but also signify your mastery and accomplishment within The Outlast Trials.

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