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Looking for Fortnite Nuketown maps codes? Then, check our guide to find out the best Nuketown Gun Maps to play.

Fortnite is known for surprising fans with collaborations and updates. One of Fortnite’s best collaborations was with Call of Duty. Nuketown, an iconic and a popular map from the COD gaming series, was launched to the Fortnite creative world. Fortnite Nuketown includes some Gun Game maps where players can engage in fiery battles. Your task is to eliminate enemies with available weapons and you only get limited health and time.

This is the only major collaboration of Fortnite with the COD gaming franchise. Nuketown in creative has several maps that became an instant addiction for many players in the game. Yet, some gun town maps are harder for players and they have been unable to crack these maps. Fortnite’s Nuketown maps are totally different from other usual creative maps.

The objectives for Nuketown maps are to kill enemies and score points. You can eliminate enemies and unlock some exclusive weapons as well. Here’s all about the Fortnite Gun Game maps along with the best Nuketown codes to play right now.

Fortnite Nuketown Gun Game Map Guide – Best Map Codes & Tricks!

Play in these Fortnite Nuketown maps where you get to engage in non-stop gun games and battles.

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  • Nuketown Gun Game –  6722-4469-6989 – You get a Pistol as your starting weapon. Start defeating more opponents to unlock other meta weapons as well. This map is not so big and you have to be wary of incoming attacks from enemies.
  • Nuketown Snipers – 4096-5695-3931 – You can land here with a Sniper gun. You get only one life and attacks will come from every end. Another challenging map where you have to be meticulous to survive till the end
  • Nuketown Deathmatch – 3610-2173-1968 – This is another complicated map where you get only minimum shields and basic weapons. Eliminate enemies who spawn in your zone and find a way to hide yourself
  • Nuketown Domination –  3546-3097-0911 – Here, you get all types of Fortnite weapons and there are some objectives. Complete objectives, increase your kills and collect more points
  • Sharpshooter – 7477-3685-2132 – Equip guns and shield. Unleash a perfect headshot and show your shooting skills. Those with sharp skills can succeed in this map
  • Search & Destroy – 1942-1568-4246 – Enemies hide behind walls and rooms. Find and catch them, use your weapons and eliminate them to score points. Here, gameplay and locations are similar to Call of Duty Black OPS and you can find bombs in different rooms
  • Hardpoint – 0149-8586-8421 – Another challenging map and here you only get basic weapons. Shield are restricted and you have to survive with a low hp level 
  • One in the Chamber –  0546-3467-6753 – Use explosive weapons and bombs, find enemies and eliminate them within a time to complete challenges in this creative island
  • Prop Hunt – 0886-0432-2912 – Prop Hunt returns to Nuketown Gun Game mode as well. Play mini battles, hunt your friends and party with them. This map offers everything you expect and the challenges here are fast-paced.
  • Fantasy Castle Princess – 2933-9593-6272 – Participate in Team Deathmatch mode battles. You can practice before entering battles. You can use upto 30 weapons in the fantasy castle locations 
  • Sundown Showdown – 5043-5771-6731 – A fast-paced Wild West gun game and you can battle with elite enemies in the of Goldscar County region. Become a notorious gangster and shoot down your ribals
  • Nikitown – 8201-3260-0944 – Play more than 25 gun games in PvP mode. Battles are fast-paced and you can explore some colorful locations and an amazing soundtrack keeps the game going
  • Barbie City Gun Game – 2239-6680-3901 – Explore the beautiful and colorful locations in Barbie City. Use all weapons and kill enemies in a single-shot. If you don’t eliminate them, then get ready to get eliminated. Battles are intense and never stop for anyone. Equip your weapons and start firing enemies

These are the best Gun Game maps and codes to play in Fortnite Nuketown from the creative mode. Every challenge here will be fast-paced and you need to deploy the right techniques and skills to tackle enemies and win these combat. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon.


What’s Fortnite Nuketown?

Nuketown is an iconic location in Call of Duty and Fortnite has included this as one of the game’s maps in the creative world

Is Sniper Rifle good in Fortnite?

Yes, Sniper Rifles are the best ranged weapons in Fortnite with great accuracy. Heavy Sniper Rifles are excellent for long-range battles

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