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The history of the Fortnite lore is very long. From the birth of the zero point to The Seven, we have everything you need to know.

Intriguing tales of cosmic creation, power struggles, and alliances have woven the rich story of Fortnite Island’s history. From the mysterious inception of the Zero Point to the daring exploits of The Seven, Fortnite lore has captured the imaginations of players worldwide. Fortnite Island has a long and complex history, dating back to before the game even launched. The island has been through many changes over the years, and its lore is still being revealed to players today. We have everything you need to know about the Fortnite lore.

Fortnite Characters
Fortnite Characters

The Birth of the Zero Point 

Season 3 marked the inception of Fortnite lore, introducing the concept of the Zero Point—a source of immeasurable power. This made lots of different worlds, each one like its own special universe. It’s kind of like when a big explosion made everything in space a long time ago. In the world of Fortnite stories, the beginning of the Zero Point comes from a place called Reality Zero, where this amazing space mystery all started.

Genesis of the Imagined Order 

Over a millennium ago, the brilliant scientist Geno embarked on a quest for perfection, leading him to discover the enigmatic Zero Point. His ambitions paved the way for the establishment of the Imagined Order, an organization aiming to harness the Zero Point’s might for their own dominion. Their mastery allowed them to travel realities, making a league of scientists to unravel its secrets and safeguard its power. In a daring experiment, Agent Jones ventured into Reality Zero, birthing the first Snapshot, Jonesy The First, setting the stage for a tumultuous sequence of events.

The Loop’s Enigmatic Grasp 

The enigmatic Loop is central to the island’s history—a 22-minute temporal cycle designed to trap and confound newcomers. Rendered amnesic and silenced, these unwitting contestants find themselves trapped within the Loop’s confines. The relentless advance of The Storm pushes them together, culminating in their eventual elimination. Yet, those who outlast the Loop’s trials at its closing threshold escape, their memories restored but tethered to the island. The Imagined Order’s experimentation with the Loop leads to a Battle Royale spectacle involving captives from diverse realities.

The Ice Moon 

The Ice Moon, a realm of frozen wonder, became a focal point in Fortnite lore. Under The Ice King’s rule, the Ice Kingdom crossed realities to collect potent artifacts and technologies, including beings of unspeakable power. A chilling conflict emerged within the kingdom, culminating in the freezing of dissenting voices. The Ice King’s eternal slumber near Reality Zero bore witness to a kingdom suspended in time.


The Seven 

A legendary group known as The Seven emerged, determined to liberate the Zero Point and dismantle the Imagined Order’s hold. The Foundation, their leader, united formidable individuals—The Cube King, Geno’s daughters, and others—against the IO’s power. The Seven harnessed sealed suits, fearing Geno’s catastrophic potential, granting them immunity to the Loop’s effects. Amid their struggle, The Paradigm briefly defected to the IO, a testament to the intricacies of allegiances and rivalries.


Who created the Fortnite Island?

The Fortnite Island was created by a group of scientists known as the Imagined Order.

What is the Storm?

The Storm is a powerful force that surrounds the Fortnite Island and causes it to shrink over time. Players must fight to survive the Storm, and they can only do so by staying within the shrinking safe zone.

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