Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 – What are Fortnite Match Quests?


Fortnite Match Quests are personalized, match-specific challenges introduced in the latest Chapter 5 Season 1. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fans of Fortnite who are starting Chapter 5 Season 1 are in for a treat because Fortnite Match Quests have been added. As the battle royale story takes place on an interesting new island, a strange group called “The Society” appears and starts planning sneaky moves to capture the beloved character Peely. Players are asked to take action and join “The Underground” to break down The Society and face Valeria, its mysterious boss. To help with this task, the season adds new elements like the Island’s train, the ability to change weapons, and the use of a powerful “Ballistic Shield” in addition to pistol combat. 

Fortnite Chapter 5 BR poster
Fortnite Chapter 5 BR poster

What are Fortnite Match Quests?

The idea of Fortnite Match Quests, which are different from the usual Daily Quests, is at the heart of how the game is changing this season. Match Quests give players an interesting choice at the start of every match, with three different goals that run out when the match ends. Match Quests are different from their predecessors because they focus on the progress of each player alone, with teammates not being able to help. This design makes sure that Fortnite Match Quests are perfectly suited for solo completion, which fits with Chapter 5 Season 1’s focus on the player.

Fortnite Match Quests are very different from the more general and sometimes distracting Daily Quests. They let players work toward specific goals while they are in the middle of a fight. This simplified method makes the gaming experience more focused and immersive, and it encourages players to change their goals based on their tastes and the way they like to play. Along with the Match Quests, there are also Bonus Goals that offer daily resets and extra XP for finishing these personalized challenges.

The ease of Fortnite Match Quests makes them a great way for players to get used to the many things and mechanics that are only available in Chapter 5. In addition to being educational, Match Quests are also a good way to make money because completing them successfully gives you a lot of XP. This makes for a great start to the season. Check out how to get the Demogorgon Skin in Fortnite.

How to complete Match Quests in Fortnite

The days of Daily Quests are over; now, Chapter 5 Season 1’s progression method is based on completing Fortnite Match Quests. When a person starts a Fortnite match, they are given three Match Quests. These are the first of the Kickstart Quests. Players must complete all five of these Match Quests in order to finish this first set of quests.

Fortnite Chapter 5 BR play
Fortnite Chapter 5 BR play

Kickstart Quests Rewards

Not only is it satisfying to complete specific goals in Kickstart Quests, but also the big benefits they lead to are very appealing. Players get a respectable 15,000 XP for completing each Kickstart Quest, which helps them move quickly through the ranks. Even though these quests don’t have any extra bonus goals, the XP boost is a straight and satisfying way to show how good a player is at fighting.

Since there are ten Kickstart Quests to choose from, the possible XP gain is big, with a grand total of 150,000 XP for those who complete all of them. This might not take players to high levels, but it’s a nice boost at the start of a new season that makes them feel like they’ve accomplished something and pulls them into the story of Chapter 5 Season 1. Get other Fortnite skins like, Lana Del Ray, Eleven, Chief Hopper, Phantom Meowscles, and more.


Overall, Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite brings about a big change with the addition of Match Quests, which give players a more personalized and focused way to tackle tasks in the game. Match Quests have been added to Daily Quests to fit with the season’s focus on playing alone. 

They encourage players to go on custom adventures while earning valuable XP. Kickstart Quests, which are based on finishing Fortnite Match Quests, give players a satisfying XP payout. This sets the stage for an interesting and rewarding gaming experience as players explore “The Society” and the Underground in this latest installment of the Fortnite series.


What rewards do players receive for completing Match Quests?

Players earn XP for completing Match Quests, with each Kickstart Quest providing a substantial 15,000 XP reward. There are no additional bonus goals for Match Quests, making XP the primary reward for successful completion.

What is the significance of Kickstart Quests in Chapter 5 Season 1?

Kickstart Quests serve as an introductory questline in Chapter 5 Season 1, centered around the completion of Match Quests. Successfully completing Kickstart Quests not only offers a sense of accomplishment but also rewards players with a significant XP boost.

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