Lana Del Ray Fortnite Skin: Release Date, Price, and more


Fans are eagerly waiting for the Lana Del Ray Fortnite Skin. And we have some important details about it for you.

Fortnite has definitely secured its throne as the leading competitive shooter game, largely attributed to its universe of cosmetics and skins. Collaborations with fictional icons and fan-favorite TV series such as The Witcher and Marvel have propelled Fortnite into a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Even the mere whisper of a potential Travis Scott skin triggered exhilaration throughout the gaming community. Yet, in this frenzy, one compelling question remains firmly planted in the hearts of fans: Will there be a Lana Del Ray Fortnite Skin?

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Uncharted skins

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Lana Del Ray Fortnite Skin

A recent revelation by a Twitter user has sent shockwaves through the community, unveiling a jaw-dropping concept art featuring Lana Del Rey as a likely contender for a Fortnite skin. The authenticity of the design, coupled with the attention to detail, left fans happy. Yet, a bitter truth soon emerged – merely an instance of clickbait. Enthusiasts quickly recognized that such a significant launch couldn’t occur without an official proclamation. There is no Lana Del Rey Fortnite skin. The image you may have seen is concept art created by a fan. 

The skin was never officially released by Epic Games. The concept art shows Lana Del Rey in a white dress with a black choker and red lipstick. She is holding a microphone and has a guitar slung over her shoulder. The skin was created by a fan named Honeymounz on Twitter. They posted the image with the caption “Lana Del Rey is now available in the Fortnite Item Shop.” The post quickly went viral, with many fans expressing their excitement about the possibility of a Lana Del Rey skin being released.

Skin shared by a user
Skin shared by a user

Lana Del Ray Fortnite Skin Price

The concept art arrived with a price tag of 1,500 V-Bucks, aligned with the standard cost of other premium outfits. Astonishingly, the tweet garnished over 39K likes in less than a day, sparking an untamed wildfire of enthusiasm within the community. The playful musings about whether a whimsical Waffle House uniform would accompany the skin only heightened the excitement. You can also gift skins in Fortnite easily.

While fans universally showered admiration for the concept, one aspect raised concerns – the emote description that playfully hinted to a “vape.” With the well-documented health implications linked to e-cigarettes, fans voiced their reservations regarding the compatibility of such content with their aspirations. Nevertheless, fueled by Lana Del Rey’s resounding popularity and Fortnite’s storied history of celebrity collaborations (recall the inclusion of John Wick and Terminator), the prospect of witnessing her as an in-game skin is a hopeful possibility.

Lana Del Ray Fortnite Skin: Release Date

Epic Games never announced or released a Lana Del Rey skin. The concept art is just that – concept art. It is not a real skin that is available in the game. There is a chance that a Lana Del Rey skin could be released in the future. Epic Games has collaborated with other celebrities in the past, such as Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. So, it is possible that they could collaborate with Lana Del Rey in the future. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen. There are a lot of skins in Fortnite, try them.

Is there concrete evidence of a Lana Del Rey skin in Fortnite?

As of now, there isn’t any substantiated evidence confirming the presence of a Lana Del Rey skin within the Fortnite universe.

Has Fortnite officially announced the inclusion of a Lana Del Rey skin?

No official announcement has been made by Fortnite regarding the addition of a Lana Del Rey skin at this juncture.

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