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Fortnite Demogorgon Skin

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The Fortnite Demogorgon skin made its most recent appearance in the Item Shop on November 6, 2023, ending a four-year absence.

No matter how many Fortnitemares there are or how long Halloween is off, the Fortnite Demogorgon skin is always a popular and interesting choice. In Chapter 1, Season 9, this skin stood out as one of the most interesting and unique character designs. It still does, even after many Fortnite collaborations. In other words, if you’ve ever thought about getting this amazing skin, now might be the best time to do it. Here we will tell you how to get the Fortnite demogorgon skin.

The Return of the Demogorgon and Chief Hopper

For people who like Fortnite, November 6, 2023, was a big day. There was a huge surprise when Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon showed up in the Fortnite Item Shop again after being gone for 1,461 days. That’s right, these famous skins hadn’t been seen in four years. Eleven, a popular figure from the hit show “Stranger Things,” joined the lineup along with Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon. This made players very excited. There is a catch, though: these skins are only available for a short time, and it’s not clear when they’ll be back.

Now that these skins have been moved out of the Item Shop, players are left wondering when or if they will come back. It’s kind of like how people are waiting for God of War’s Kratos to finally show up in the Item Shop, with their wish still unfulfilled.

How to Obtain the Fortnite Demogorgon Skin

This is the time to act quickly if you want the Demogorgon Stranger Things skin in Fortnite. The cause? You can only get these skins in the Item Shop for a short time.

In the event that you miss the chance, you could end up waiting for a long time, possibly even years. To give you an idea, if you didn’t get the Fortnite Demogorgon skin on November 6, 2019, you would have to wait exactly four years before you might be able to get it again. That’s a long time to wait for a skin that you really want. So, if you really love Stranger Things, don’t wait; take advantage of the chance while you still can.

The Fortnite Demogorgon skin is available for 1,200 V-Bucks, making it an attractive choice for any Fortnite player who wants to embrace the dark allure of the Upside Down.

Explore the Stranger Things Fortnite Skin Collection

The Fortnite Demogorgon skin is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the Stranger Things collection in Fortnite, but there’s more to discover. Let’s delve into the full array of Stranger Things-inspired skins available:

Save with the Stranger Things Fortnite Skin Bundle

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and wish to collect more than just the Fortnite Demogorgon skin, there’s an appealing option available. The Stranger Things Fortnite Skin Bundle, priced at 2,500 V-Bucks, offers you a bundle of skins that provides great value, saving you 600 V-Bucks compared to purchasing each skin separately. Here’s what’s included in this exclusive bundle:


Step into the shoes of the enigmatic Eleven and become part of the supernatural adventure in Hawkins, Indiana. Her character’s unique abilities are sure to bring an added dimension to your Fortnite gameplay.

Waffle Extravaganza

Waffles and Fortnite? This fun and delicious back bling, known as “Waffle Extravaganza,” lets you show off your love for both the game and the beloved breakfast treat.

Hooper’s Cabin Diorama

Experience the mysterious Hawkins National Laboratory in your game with this captivating cabin diorama. It’s more than a skin; it’s an experience.

Steve’s Bat

Equip Steve’s Bat and channel the fearless spirit of Hawkins’ heroic character. This pickaxe is more than just a tool; it’s a symbol of bravery.

Eddie’s Spear

Eddie’s Spear is more than a cosmetic addition; it’s a statement of your dedication to the Stranger Things universe. Use it in your battles and let it be a symbol of your love for the series.

Telekinetic Power Breakfast

A strange and delightful back bling, the “Telekinetic Power Breakfast” is a testament to the series’ quirkiness. Display it proudly in your collection.

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In conclusion, the Fortnite Demogorgon skin remains an iconic choice, not just for fans of Stranger Things but for anyone seeking a unique and visually striking character. However, with limited-time availability, seizing the opportunity to add this skin to your collection is crucial. And for the dedicated Stranger Things enthusiasts, the Stranger Things Fortnite Skin Bundle offers a fantastic way to dive deeper into the world of Hawkins, Indiana. Don’t miss your chance, for in Fortnite, as in life, timing is everything.


Can I still get the Demogorgon skin if I didn’t purchase it during its last appearance in the Item Shop?

Unfortunately, if you missed the opportunity to acquire the Demogorgon skin during its last appearance, you will have to wait for its potential return in the future. The availability of limited-time skins is unpredictable.

What other Stranger Things-related skins are included in the Stranger Things Fortnite Skin Bundle?

The Stranger Things Fortnite Skin Bundle includes not only the Demogorgon skin but also other character skins like Eleven, unique back blings, and pickaxes inspired by the show’s characters and themes.

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