Check our article with all the latest Edge: Mech Ascent Codes. Redeem them to receive some free in-game items!

Edge: Mech Ascent is AFK Idle Strategy RPG from the makers of Hong Kong EpicLand International Limited. In Edge Mech Ascent, you will be traveling through the world of Wonderland and meeting different characters. You can join hands with others to build your gang and fight in the Arena battles. You need to pull your favorite SSR from Edge Mech Ascent before playing the game, there are different characters from different races. Your goal is to develop your dream team to emerge victorious in the battles that take place in different Arena of the Wonderland.

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You get a different set of rewards for winning the Battles in Edge Mech Ascent. The rewards range from Diamonds, Gold, Noah Card, Summon Tickets, Gems, Bounty Tickets, and Intimacy Materials. You will get every reward for winning a challenge, here we will share the latest active and working Edge: Mech Ascent Codes. These Free Codes will allow you to earn more in-game items with which you can also up your game. Our list will cover the current working Edge: Mech Ascent Codes for this month.

Edge: Mech Ascent codes
Edge: Mech Ascent

All Active Edge: Mech Ascent Codes &  Rewards

Here is the list of free redemption codes for this month.

  • NAVIDAD22 – 100,000 Gold, 5-star Noah Cards,10 Normal Summon Tickets
  • NAVIDAD777 – 100,000 Gold, 5-star Noah Cards, 10 Normal Summon Tickets
  • EI777 – Unlocks, 1 Infinite Ticket
  • VIP777 – Unlocks 100,000 Gold, 10 Normal Summon Tickets, 200 Diamonds
  • EDGE777 – Unlocks 100,000 Gold, 10 Normal Summon Tickets, 5-Star Noah Card
  • LUCKY777 – Unlocks    200 Diamonds, 3 Bounty Tickets, 5 Gems

These are the only available codes to use in Edge Mech Ascent for redeeming bounties and rewards for this month. Redeem these free Codes before they become invalid. 

How to Redeem Edge Mech Ascent Free Codes?

Redeeming the gifts and rewards in Edge Mech Ascent with the free codes is easy, check the simple steps here.

  • Launch Edge: Mech Ascent
  • Go to the main screen settings
  • Click on the Activation Code button from the following screen 
  • Enter your free redeem codes in the code box and click on Redemption
  • Now you can redeem all your rewards and bounties

That’s how you can redeem gifts and rewards using the available free codes. Use them as soon as possible as they have a validity date.

Edge: Mech Ascent codes
Edge: Mech Ascent Characters

New Edge: Mech Ascent Active Codes

The current codes for Edge: Mech Ascent have been shared above and you may wait till the next set arrives. You can check back our site or stay updated on Edge Mech Ascent Social Media pages to get the latest updates.

You can the latest codes for now and the new codes will be available only by the beginning of next month. You can always check back here for the latest codes.

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Who Can Play Edge: Mech Ascent?

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Anyone with an Android or iOS device can play Edge Mech Ascent. This beautiful AFK Idle Strategy RPG game has exotic locations and charming Anime angels to play. You can form your squad and take part in the Arena battles in the Wonderland zone. You get daily login rewards like Super Agent Jin. And you can also unlock Pixiu for playing for 7 days continuously.

We will be back with the next set of free codes after they are out officially. Use the current Edge Mech Ascent free codes and unlock free goodies.

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