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Completing the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe mode battles  can be a difficult challenge. Know the best Simulated Universe teams and combinations here in our guide.

Honkai Star Rail is a massive sci-fi and space exploration game from the team of Hoyoverse. Here, you wander across various planets and complete missions and boss fights as a team. There are plenty of four-star and five-star units in Honkai Star Rail from different paths and elements. Initially, you play as a Trailblazer(fire) character. Once you complete the basic Trailblaze missions, new planets, units and locations will be unlocked.

There are also a couple of in-game modes and Simulated Universe is one among the unique features of the game. Here, you engage in Roguelike battles. The Simulated Universe is located in the Herta Space Station. Here, you can battle against top-tier world bosses and earn Currency, Stellar Jades, Blessings, and Herta Bond. Simulated Universe is one of the best additions of Honkai Star Rail that challenges your skills and playing style.

There will be plenty of quests and boss fights once you unlock the Simulated Universe mode in the game. Unlike usual Honkai Star Rail boss fights, the Simulated Universe boss fights are more challenging. Here, you have to deploy the best team comps and strategies. Find out the top team comps for Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe game mode here in our guide.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe – Top Team Comps You Should Use!

Simulated Universe World 7 was just launched through the game’s 1.2 patch update and here you get more rewards as well. You can now take on new elite level enemies and bosses of higher levels. The best team combinations for Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universes are here,

March 7th + Natasha + Dan Heng + Trailblazer 

This is the basic team comp once you unlock the Simulated Universe. You can start the battle with Trailblazer from Fire element. March 7th and Dan Heng are your sub-dps and support unit. Natasha will be the lone healer for this team comps. Make sure to level up your light cones and talents as these can help you survive for a longer time and endure attacks as well. March 7th is an excellent addition for any squad and she can help you clear the initial levels of Simulated Universe worlds at ease.

Serval + Asta + Natasha + Seele

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe
Simulated Universe

Here, you can start with Asta. Asta has some top-notch skills and can be the primary DPS as well. Seele is an excellent DPS option and holds high hp as well. Selee can inflict severe damage from close-range. Serval, the lightning unit can unleash severe lightning attacks and she can stun bosses with her AoE damage. Again, Natasha comes in to heal your allies. This is another powerful team composition for Simulated Universe boss battles.


Gepard, the ice element character, can freeze and stun enemies. His ice attacks are harder and can make enemies vulnerable from the initial phase and he also has the best shield as well.  Welt is your sub-dps and he can counterattack as well. Clara is a great support unit and her abilities can stun enemies. She can absorb all attacks and return them as a massive physical damage in return. Bailu, the healer, is here to heal every unit. This team comps can be used for Simulated Universes world level 4 and 5.

Qingque+Bailu+March 7th+Silver Wolf

Qingque, the quantum element character, can deal damage over time and buff your units with more hp. She can also constantly debuff enemies and hamper their progress. Qingque can be your main DPS and go with March 7th as your support. March 7th can be utilized in a later phase if other units run out of energy. Silver Wolf is your trump card and the best supporting unit that can totally drain the enemy’s movements and attacks. Finally, with Bailu as your healing unit, this team looks unbeatable anyday.

Luocha+Yanqing+Himeko+Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan, the lightning unit can deal massive lightning damage and you can start with him as your team’s main dps. He’s also an excellent AoE player and his lightning attacks can reduce the enemy’s speed and attacks. Luocha can be your healing unit. Himeko, the versatile unit can be your sub-dps and an excellent AoE damage dealer. Yanqing deals huge ice damage and can freeze enemies for a while. This is a powerful team composition for the Simulated Universe World 6 and 7 in Honkai Star Rail. Incase you miss out on these characters, you can always swap them with the best alternative characters.

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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe

Hook is a rare four-star fire elemental character. She can attack from any range. Her kit includes the best skills and Hook boasts massive hp as well. An all-round unit that can fit into any team combinations. Seele and Gepard are the secondary DPS. Both are powerful tanks and you can swap their skills frequently to stun any world boss. Bailu keeps healing every unit and this is another successful team comps for the simulated world level challenges in the game.

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These are the best team compositions for the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe mode challenges and boss fights. Simulated Universe World is a unique game mode and here you can play on all difficulty levels and claim different rewards as drops as well. 

Rewards – The major rewards for Simulated Universe include Trailblaze EXP, Fleet of the Ageless, Stellar Jade, Currency, Credits, Gold, Herta Bond, Blessings and more.

That’s everything you need to know about the best team comps for Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail. Use these teams and win the World 7 of the Simulated Universe. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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