Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Build – Light Cones, Relics, and More



Unleash the power of the Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail with our ultimate build guide – optimize your light cones, relics, and more!

Honkai Star Rail is an amazing space exploration game with plenty of content and features. There are many magical locations across all planets and worlds. There are also many skillful characters in Honkai Star Rail. Everyone is specialized in various jobs. Silver Wolf, the Quantum element character from the Nihility Path is a new five-star hero and she is a genius hacker as well. Silver Wolf is an integral member of the Stellaron Hunters Group. She’s also mastered a unique skill named “Aether Editing”.

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You can obtain Silver Wolf through her event warp banner in Honkai Star Rail. Silver Wolf is a powerful single-target unit and she’s capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies. Her def, AoE, and healing are weaker. But, you can always maximize her stats by forming the best build. The best build for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail is obtained by equipping light cones, traces, relics, and eidolons. Here’s all about Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf and her best build in the game.

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Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf – Best Build & Guide

Silver Wolf is a lightning unit in the game. Here’s all you need to do to get the best build for five-star Quantum element character, Silver Wolf.

Honkai Star Rail silver Wolf
Light Cone

Best Light Cones for Silver Wolf 

Light cones are primary equipment. Silver Wolf gets access to a couple of light cones. The best ones are here,

  • Incessant Rain – The best five-star light cone for Silver Wolf. Whenever she begins a turn, you can implant a random enemy using the Aether Code skill. Once the target is inflicted with a break, Aether Code self-destructs, and it will also deal extra DMG to that enemy equal to 80% of the her basic ATK. Attack an enemy  with more than 3% debuff(s), and she can deal additional DMG equal to 40% of her basic ATK as well.
  • Loop – You can deal 24% extra damage to all slowed targets once in a battle. This keeps getting better with every levels
  • Good Night and Sleep Well – For every debuff the target enemy has, the DMG dealt by the Silver Wolf will rise by 12% and stacking up to 3 time(s). This effect will also apply to DoT.

Best Relics for Silver Wolf

The best relics for Silver Wolf are here. These can be used as both 2-pc and 4-pc. You can also unlock ornament relic set pieces later in the game.

  • Space Sealing Station – You can increase her attacking stats by 12% extra and additionally it will be more once her SPD reaches 120
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat – Silver Wolf gets an increase in Attack, Basic ATK, and Speed. This works well for her and can be increased in new levels
Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf best build Ascension materials Trace materials team and Light Cone cover
silver Wolf

Best Eidolons for Silver Wolf

Eidolons are powerful skills. You can go with either of these. But, you can only unlock one at a time and unlocking all Eidolons requires massive effort as well.

  • E1, Social Engineering – You can reduce Effect Res by 30% for 2 turn(s) once enemies enter a battle
  • E2, Zombie Network – Use her ultimate to regenerate 8 energy for every debuff the enemies have and this can be activated upto 5 times as well
  • E3,Payload – Skill level  +2, Talent Level+2
  • E4,Bounce Attack – Use her ultimate to deal extra damage for all debuff on opposite units. You can use and do this five times at maximum 
  • E5,Brute Force Attack – Ultimate level +2, basic ATK level +1 
  • E6,Overlay Network  – Silver Wolf can deal more than 20% damage to units that have debuff

Best Traces and Skills for Silver Wolf

The best abilities for Silver Wolf are here. You can unlock them once you progress in the game’s main story missions.

  • System Warning – you can deal quantum DMG to single enemy using 50% of her basic ATK 
  • Allow Changes? – You can use a weakness of your unit and reduce the target’s DMG. You can also deal 98% damage through her basic ATK 
  • User Banner – You can reduce target’s def for three turns and her attacks can be used to deal massive Quantum DMG by more than 200% every time
  • Inject – Duration of weakness implanted by her skill will be extended for a turn
  • Awaiting System Response (Talent) – You can launch three bugs and reduce attack, def, and speed of the targets by implanting a random bug as well
  • Force Quit Program – you can deal double Quantum damage after entering battles immediately. Your toughness also gets reduced 
  • Generate – Bug duration gets increased for a turn. Break enemy’s weakness and inflict a random bug as well
  • Side Note – You can decrease a target’s resistance by using your skills when they have more than 3 debuffs everytime

That’s everything you need to know about the best build and skills for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail. With this build, you can unleash the beast version of Silver Wolf and dominate battles. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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