How to Get Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail?



Unlock a roster of powerful characters in Honkai Star Rail with our guide on how to get free characters.

Honkai Star Rail is an action RPG from the makers of Genshin Impact. There are plenty of anime characters. As a beginner, you don’t get access to all characters. You will be given some characters for some basic Trailblaze missions. Other characters can be unlocked as you progress through the Warp Banner.

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But when it comes to free characters, you don’t get everything. Honkai Star Rail free characters can be obtained through limited-time events and missions. While other characters can only be obtained through rolls. You have to spend Star Rail Passes, Stellar Jade, and more resources. As of now, there are around ten free characters in Honkai Star Rail. Here’s all you need to know about free units and how to get them. 

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All Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Here are the list of Honkai Star Rail free playable characters and ways to get them.

The Trailblazer

The five-star playable character will be your starting character in Honkai Star Rail. Trailblazer belongs to the Adaptive path and element. Play as Kafka and Silver Wolf trial version characters and complete the basic Trailblaze Mission, Chaos in the Deep, to unlock Trailblazer for free. Trailblazer is an explosive damage dealer and never miss an opportunity to unlock this character for free especially if it’s from the fire element.

March 7th

march 7th Honkai Star Rail free characters
March 7th

March 7th, the four-star Ice element playable character from The Preservation Path. March 7th is unlocked after you complete Eye of the Storm, Trailblaze mission. Once you complete this, you can get her character for free. She’s a versatile unit as she can attack, play the sub-DPS role, and can be a supportive tank as well.

Dang Heng

Dan Heng, the four-star Wind element character from The Hunt path can be unlocked after completing the Trailblaze Mission, Eye of the Storm. This is the best option to get him for free. Other ways to get Dan Heng are by spending Starlight Exchange, Currency, and Credit. Dan Heng is a monstrous unit and him in your squad will only bolster your squad and you can tackle all bosses and enemies in the game easily.


Serval is the latest free playable character in Honkai Star Rail. You can obtain her as a pre-registration reward. The other way to get Serval is through Warp Banner. Serval belongs to the Erudition Path and she’s a Lightning element character as well. Serval is a great damage dealer and she’s also a supporting unit as well.


Honkai Star Rail free characters natasha

Natasha, the four-star Physical element character from the Abundance Path is unlocked for free by completing Lying in Rust, the Trailblaze mission. The other option to get her is through Stellar Warp. Natasha is a top-tier unit and the best healer so far in the game. It’s a no-brainer that players always go after her considering her remarkable skills. She can also attack during battles.


Qingque is a four-star Quantum element character from the Erudition Path. Complete Memory Stage 3 of Forgotten Hall and reach Trailblaze level 21 to get her character for free in Honkai Star Rail.


Asta is a four-star Fire element character from the Harmony path. You have to complete the Warp Tutorial challenge, A Moment of Peace to get her for free. Asta is a rare character and you can always go for her stunning damage skills. Fire elemental characters are rare to find in Honkai Star Rail. And Asta is a free character and you should not miss out on pulling her.


Herta, the four-star Ice element character from the Erudition Path is unlocked after completing the Trailblaze Mission Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta and after clearing World 2, World 4, and World 6 in the Simulated Universe.

These are the best ways to get free characters in Honkai Star Rail. Never miss out on any events to collect free characters. You always have a great chance to obtain a couple of free characters through these events of Honkai Star Rail. More new free-to-play Honkai Star Rail characters can be expected in the upcoming updates of the game as well. Till then, you can pull for these characters of they are not in your squad. We will come back with more Honkai Star Rail updates and guides soon.

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