How Long to Beat Persona 4 Golden?



Struggling to complete Persona 4 Golden? Check our guide to find out the best tips and tricks and also know how long it takes to beat Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Golden, the enhanced version of Persona 4 is an action role-playing game from the team of Sega and Atlus. Persona has always been one of the best RPGs ever. It became an instant classic JRPG with story-rich features and gameplay elements. New set of content is available in this upgraded Golden version of the game. Play as a Juvenile in the streets of Inaba, a small and rural town in Japanese regions.

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The game follows the story of youngsters after some unexpected and serious chain of serial killings. A beautiful coming-of-age story of youngsters that turn darker when they meet different kinder spirits and devils as well. You also have to wipe out the darker side of yourselves. Play as a group on this party-based RPG and meet different characters. Complete challenges and earn new rewards and trading cards. An amazing RPG from the Persona franchise with plenty of features and colorful anime characters as well.

Persona 4 Golden Edition is a world-class game with some stunning features and content to keep you hooked. The game nevers and you can complete all stories of Persona 4 Golden in a Jiffy. It only takes a little while to complete the entire stories of Persona 4 Golden edition. Here’s all about the Persona 4 Golden edition and more about how long it takes to beat and complete the game in our guide. 

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Best Tips and Tricks to Beat Persona 4 Golden 

Completing Persona 4 Golden is not that easier. The basic main story challenges include some objectives. It takes only 60 hours to complete them. But, the other main campaign missions have many challenging tasks and it takes another 70 hours to complete them. Every chapter of Persona 4 Golden also has different endings and you have to choose the correct path to progress without struggling much in the game.

Overall, it takes at least 130 hours to complete the Persona 4 Golden edition of the game and there are no rules like you have to finish it within any time limit. You can always proceed slowly and then you can shift gears. Completing Persona 4 Golden within 130 hours will always been an uphill task for students, but with the right tips and tricks, you can beat the game in a short span of time. Follow these strategies to beat Persona 4 Golden quickly,

  • Play dungeons and always complete them within the specified date. Persona 4 Golden edition dungeon challenges have timelines up to several days or maybe months as well. Always focus on completing dungeons within a day to get all exclusive rewards and this will also help you progress quickly
  • You have to build bonds with many unknown characters of Persona 4 Golden. The new Social Links feature allows you to build a rapport with others. You can utilize their bonus skills and effects which in turn helps you to complete the game quickly
  • Playing Persona 4 Golden with party members is another best strategy. You can also recruit Persona of your Arcana levels. Persona is also one of the best mechanics of the game currently and you will be able to unlock more persona as you progress in the game
  • You have to eat cooking recipes to increase your stats. You can find food items daily night in your fridge and you can also do gardening activities like planting seeds and harvesting vegetables. All these will increase your stats and knowledge. Collect ingredients and craft more recipes. Every recipe grants more knowledge and skills. This makes all students wiser and you gain more wisdom as well.
  • Read the best books of Persona 4 Golden. This will increase your bonus effects, stats, skills, knowledge, and more. Reading books like The Witch Detective, Poly-Land, The Lovely Man, and Expert Study Methods will all increase your courage, knowledge, understanding, diligence, and more as well
  • Finally, you can complete the quiz and answer questions for all tests in classrooms regularly to increase all available stats. This will also be a test of your knowledge and skills

These are all the best ways and tricks to complete Persona 4 Golden faster. Completing the game just requires only 130 hours, but the real test begins once you embark on your challenges. Persona 4 Golden is a tricky game and those wise students can complete the stories faster. 

That’s everything you need to know about beating Persona 4 Golden and how long it takes to complete it. We will come back with more interesting updates soon. Here’s an official glimpse from the team of Persona 4 Golden,

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