Best Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build – Skills, Light Cones, and More



Natasha is a powerful character in Honkai Star Rail, but what’s the best build for her? Our guide provides the best Natasha build, including skills, Light Cones, and more, to help you unleash her full potential.

Honkai Star Rail has some challenging missions in every location. Even with a powerful team combination, some bosses have been intimidating. Some battles don’t have an auto-battle feature option and this is where most players struggle to defeat them. You need to level up every character’s skills to maximize their powers in the game. Every character in Honkai Star Rail gets access to skills, light cones, eidolons, and traces. You need to unlock certain items to get access to these for every character. 

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Natasha is a four-star Physical elemental character from the Abundance path. You can unlock Natasha by completing a Trailblaze mission or using Stellar Warp. Natasha has great speed and high HP. Her Def and ATK are not so great. But her Crit DMG has always been the best among other units from her path and element. You can increase all stats of Natasha by getting access to Light Cones and Eidolons. Here are the best Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build and Skills that you should be using. 

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Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build – All You Need to Know

Natasha is an average unit. But you can turn this average unit into a beast by using the best skills available in Honkai Star Rail.

Best Light Cones for Natasha

  • Time Waits for No One – This five-star light cone increases her HP by 18% and Outgoing healing by 12%. Natasha also gets an increase in DMG
  • Post-Op Conversation – this five-star Light Cone is exclusive to Natasha. Her Energy Regeneration Rate is increased by 8% and it also increases Outgoing Healing when she activates Ultimate by 12%
  • Shared Feeling – Shared Feeling is a four-star exclusive light cone for Natasha and this increases her Outgoing Healing by 10%. When using any Skill, this regenerates 2 Energy for all units.
  • Cornucopia – the 3-star cone increases outgoing healing by 12% when using skill or ultimate

Best Relics for Natasha

Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build
Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build
  • Passerby the Wandering Cloud  – You can regenerate one skill point. Outgoing healing gets increased by 10% as well
  • Fleet of the Ageless – Her hp is increased. Natasha’s attacks also increase once her speed is increased by more than 120

Best Skills and Traces for Natasha

Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build
  • Recuperation (Bonus Ability) – This will increase the duration of the Skill’s continuous healing effect for a turn
  • Innervation (Talent) – Natasha’s Outgoing healing will increase by 25% if she heals her allies with HP at 30% or more. This will work well on continuous healing effects
  • Love, Heal, and Choose (Skill) – Restored a single allu for 7% of Natasha’s max HP plus 70%. This will also restore the ally for another 4.8% of Natasha’s maximum healing points plus 48 at the start of every turn in battle for 2 turns
  • Gift of Rebirth (Ultimate) – This will heal all allies for 9.2% of Natasha’s Max HP plus 92
  • Behind the Kindness (Basic ATK) – this will deal physical DMG to a single enemy that’s equivalent to 50% of Natasha’s ATK 
  • Hypnosis Research (Technique) – This will attack a target instantly. Enter a battle and seal physical DMG that’s equivalent to her 80% attack on a random enemy. This also gives a 100% base chance to weaken all targets. Once they become fragile, enemies can only deal 30% less DMG to all units for a turn

Best Eidolons for Natasha

  • E1 – Pharmacology Expertise – If the bonus is below 30 after getting attacked, you can heal for a turn.
  • E2 – Clinical Research– use ultimate skill and get healing for all allies that have hp below 30 for a turn. The hp also gets restored that’s equivalent to 6% of Natasha’s max HP plus 160
  • E3 – The Right Cure – skill Level +2 maximum of Level 15, basic ATK level 1 maximum of Level 19
  • E4 -Miracle Cure– This regenerates 5 Energy after getting attacked.
  • E5 – Preventative Treatment– ultimate level +2 maximum of Lvl 15. Talent level 2, up to a maximum of level 15.
  • E6 -Doctor’s Grace–  Her Basic attack deals extra physical damage equal to 40% of  her Max HP 

These are the best skills and abilities for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail. Equip them by unlocking the required items. Complete all Trailblaze missions and other challenges to collect all resources. Natasha is primarily a healer and you can make her a powerful unit by equipping these skills. All these get you the best Honkai Star Rail Natasha Build.

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