Wondering how to complete the Fall 5 Stories Without Taking Damage challenge in Fortnite? Well, don’t worry there is an actual way to do so.

The Fortnite weekly challenge has come up with an interesting challenge. This task requires players to survive a fall off at least 5 stories without getting any damage. While there are a few ways through which you can do this here is the fastest method to complete this quest.

Fortnite Chapter 4 season 2 is slowly coming to an end and with not many days to go before the season 3 stats, the game is rolling out exciting challenges for its players.

As the end of the season is near players are aiming their battle passes by completing objectives and unlocking cosmetic items with battle stars.

Fall 5 Stories fortnite

The weekly quests are one of the easiest ways to level up quickly and earn a lot of XP toward your battle pass. One of the new challenges of the game expects players to fall down a height of at least 5 stories and survive the fall.

So let’s see how you can fall at least a height of 5 Stories without taking any damage.

How to Fall 5 Stories Without Taking Damage in Fortnite?

Visit POIs with Air Vents, Zipline. Kinetic Ore

You can use the grind rail or airways to jump from a height of 5 stories. If you’re looking for such an escape then Mega City is the ideal place for doing so.

You can use the zip line Add Saturday alarms for fast mobility and jump from a height of 5 stories. You can even launch yourself while standing on a kinetic or 2 give you support and avoid the fall damage that you might get jumping from 5 stories height.

Fall 5 Stories fortnite
Fortnite 5 Stories Fall challenge

Make use of Kinetic Blade, Lightsaber, or ODM Gear

You can use the following items to get protected from the damage you might get by the phone. This will make the challenge much simpler to complete. You can even use Lightsaber to fall off while releasing the ODM gear or use the Kinetic Blade Dadh Attack and free fall on the ground.

If you are in a place where you have no access to save yourself from falling you can use any of the above-mentioned items. Just make sure that you carry any of these items in your inventory so that you can use them to prevent yourself from 5 stories. This item should be enough to help you get through this challenge in the weekly quest of Fortnite.

That is everything to know about how to fill file stories without taking any damage in fortnight chapter 4 season 2.

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