The Division Resurgence trailer revealed with Alpha test sign up details

Division Resurgence trailer

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Ubisoft has revealed the Division Resurgence trailer and here are all the alpha test sign up details that you should know.

It’s time for Ubisoft to release another The Division game. Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence is a new third-person shooter RPG for mobile devices set in The Division universe. The game will be available for Phone, and Android devices, but Ubisoft hasn’t revealed when it will be released.

With the recent announcement, it is expected that the title will find a considerable fan base before it launches, as Tom Clancy’s The Division series is extremely popular among PC and console gamers. A pre-registration drive has also been announced by Ubisoft. It looks like the game has a lot of potentials based on the initial impression.

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Division Resurgence

About the game

Apparently, The Division Resurgence’s story will parallel events from The Division and The Division 2. The announcement specifically mentions that some “key events” from those two mainline titles will be seen as part of the Resurgence’s story. Gameplay will focus on a PvE campaign where players can play either solo or with friends. This game has a massive open world, so players can explore the map freely and thoroughly.

This time around, players will act as agents of the Strategic Homeland Division to protect civilians and work toward a brighter tomorrow. As they collect new gear, perform upgrades, and unlock new specializations, their characters can be customized to their liking. As far as we can tell, the purpose is to have players fiddle around with their kit so they can determine which combination will create the most synergies in co-op.

The Division Resurgence trailer 

Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence trailer was released by Ubisoft recently. The short video reveals how the game’s action takes place in Manhattan. Players will be tasked with restoring peace and reclaiming the city. However, the task of protecting the innocent and keeping everyone safe from evil forces is easier said than done. More information about the game is expected to be released as more trailers and clips become available.

How to sign up for The Division Resurgence

We are just days away from The Division Resurgence‘s first Closed Alpha test, and anyone is welcome to sign up. To do so, just follow a few steps. First, go to their website and click on register, There you will be asked some questions about your gaming habits and your mobile device. The Division Resurgence will not be available until you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the game, following which your access will be granted.

Division Resurgence Alpha Signup page

For the first time, players will be able to experience The Division’s new opus during the Closed Alpha. There will be a number of waves of invitations sent out to players depending on the devices and locations the team would like to test first. The official team will share more information on this topic as soon as it becomes available.

Several days before the Closed Alpha begins, invitations will be sent to players asking them to sign the NDA. The details regarding how to install and access the game will be sent to you via email once you have agreed to the NDA. There will be other opportunities to play The Division Resurgence if you aren’t invited during the Closed Alpha.

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