How to Play Heist Maps in Minecraft – Tips and Tricks

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Do you want to know how to play Minecraft heist maps? Our guide will give you some of the best tips and tricks. 

A Minecraft player can build a world based on the blocks they prefer. However, Minecraft is more than just building structures. Alternatively, mods can be downloaded that allow players to view the creations of others inside of their own Minecraft universes.

Mods for advanced games can change the way the game plays by adding special modes or allowing players to take part in heists. Heist maps test players’ skills by giving them the opportunity to earn stolen items. This guide will tell you how to play Minecraft heist maps with some tips and tricks. 

Minecraft Heist map
Minecraft Heist map

How to play Minecraft Heist Maps

It is generally recommended for heist maps that players avoid detection from security cameras, traps, laser tripwires, guards, and more. You must conduct the ultimate heist within Minecraft by using stealth or brute force. Some games are stealth-based, while others rely more on brute force. Read below for some tips and tricks.

Hide from security systems

Heist is a game where the player attempts to steal valuable prototypes from an underground research facility by avoiding security systems such as cameras, guard robots, lasers, sonars, etc. So, if you want to win, then you will have to hide from the security systems.

The Gameband

With the help of the player’s Gameband, the heist is accomplished, which allows for hacking num pads and consoles, seeing through walls with x-ray vision, stunning robots, and sticking to ceilings.

What will happen when you are spotted?

The alarm level will rise each time the player is spotted by a camera or robot. Once the alarm level reaches 100%, the whole place goes on lockdown and the player is busted, whereupon they will be reset to their last checkpoint.

Remember about the energy

You can use abilities, but they consume energy each time you use them. As soon as your energy runs out, you must find a recharge station to replenish it.

Minecraft Heist map
Minecraft Heist map

Cookie Heist Tips

The Christmas-themed Minecraft mod, Scrooged Cookies, will challenge players to do a heist of cookies instead of conventional heists. In this mod, Santa has stolen all of the cookies and players need to retrieve them. Several obstacles, such as parkour and other challenges, must be overcome before they can obtain those yummy cookies. 

Crooked Caper will be fun

In Crooked Caper, players form two teams, one consisting of guards and the other of thieves. There is also a cooperative mode that requires cooperative play. Guards prevent thieves from taking all the gold and running away by preventing them from gathering as much gold as possible. So this is one of the best Minecraft heist maps that will be a great fun ride for you. 

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