Gangstar New Orleans Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Today we are bringing you some awesome tips and tricks to follow in Gangstar New Orleans Guide. It is an open world 3D game where you have to create your gang and rule over the city.

As the ringleader you recruit thugs to do your bidding and take over different turfs. Construct your own hideout, customize weapons and much more. You need to go around completing missions and taking over turfs.

This game is the second installation after the Gangstar Vegas, there quite a few mini games in the main game. The Gangster series by Gameloft is an adaptation of the PC game GTA but for mobile. New Orleans is a rough neighborhood with corrupt cops and all manners of crime, you have to gain influence and rule over the streets of New Orleans.

Collect Jars

Limited Time Deals in Gangstar New Orleans
Limited Time Deals in Gangstar New Orleans

In the beginning of the game try to collect as many jars as possible to get good items. The fastest way to earning jars is through unlocking achievements. There are difficult missions to earn premium jars. There are a few mission or daily quests that help you earn jars. Some achievements help you earn diamonds to buy more jars.
Another method is via completing missions for the first time or get up to 3 stars on each mission.
Turf war mission help unlock more jars as rewards, so try to take part in the Gangster turf wars.

Save Diamonds

If you want a specific item like a good car or good weapon, save up your diamonds. You can use that on the limited time offer section of the shop. E.g legendary bulletcaster or helicopter. Diamonds are the in-game currency of high value which you can use real world money to buy more. Be very cautious of how you spend it.

Upgrade the right Items

Gangstar New Orleans weapons
Weapons in Gangstar

During missions you can get a lot of weapons, and vehicles that will only have one star. Don’t upgrade any weapon below 3 stars. That will be a waste of time and resources so save it for upgrading 4 star and above weapons and vehicles.

Play Turf War Event

Gangstar New Orleans Events Guide
Gangstar New Orleans Events Guide

To earn different types of boosters and 3-4 star jar pieces. These events last a week and you have to own turfs to earn more points faster. So its not that difficult participating in thug war events. Just as in normal course of the game you try to capture different turf, you owning more turf earns you more passive income and rewards from the event.

Level Up Fast

Leveling up unlocks new turf, new weapons and better thugs. You higher difficulty mode to complete mission with 3 star and earn more Exp in Gangster New Orleans. So, level up your character and upgrade your weapons and gear. As you level up you get more energy and turfs. At level 50 you get 70 energy.

Upgrade your Gear

When you complete your missions you get Fusion or Guardian Boosters, you then have to use these boosters to fuse your weapons and vehicles to improve their stats. This way you can also level up your weapons or vehicles

Take over Businesses

To earn passive income you need to take over businesses. Taking over business will help create a stable income for you to sustain your spending. Byron’s restaurant is the first business you can take over in the game. And make sure to do check on it from time to time to check the money.

Use the right items

Gangstar New Orleans Items Guide
Gangstar New Orleans Items Guide

There are two types of missions progress type and raise type. When you start a mission check the all the items and compare their stats so you can select the best item for the job. To be as efficient as you can be while completing your missions and getting 3 stars.

Thugs can do tasks for you

You should always keep your thugs at work, straight off their cooldowns. If the mission success rate is above 75% don’t hesitate to use them. You have to try and get 3 stars always, so make sure that the success rate is high. This is passively earn you jar pieces and other reward drops.

Gangstar New Orleans Guide: How to lose cops

Gangstar New Orleans Gameplay
Gangstar New Orleans Gameplay

There are two ways you can go about it. First way, go to the airport and get in the helicopter and fly away from the police till you can’t see the yellow track following you. Keep going till you are out of the police’s range, which can be checked from the mini map as the red and blue blinking shade. Now just wait till the wanted level goes down.

Another method is go towards a water body, look for a boat, jump in the boat and ride away. Stay of the police’s range till the heat dies out.

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