My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble – Gameplay Details, Beta Start Date, and more


In the latest Bandai Namco adaptation of anime from My Hero Academia, we are bringing you fresh updates and lookouts. The previous closed beta was a little glitching click here for more details.

My Hero Academia is a very popular and blockbuster anime. It is so popular that it stands on equal footing with Naruto or Dragon Ball Z. It is an anime about teenagers with superpowers, which sounds like a classic Hollywood storyline of a starter superhero movie but as an anime, which by default is way cooler.

My Hero Academia is a world of superpowers, where kids develop their powers at an early age which helps define their careers ahead. Jump in to earn that sweet sweet Champions at the end of the Battle Royale. My Academia Ultra Rumble is a free-to-play gacha battle royale.

How to Join the Beta

My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble | Mediareferee
The welcome loading screen of the game

The first one will be held from August 17, 2022, to August 18, 2022. The second phase ends on August 21, 2022 starts in hours after the 1st Phase ends. To register click on this link.

The Beta is only for Playstation players, Sony probably paid for it to have an exclusive early beta launch on its platform. The game is more PC friendly than the console on the face of it. The amount of customization given is equal to PC games which is beneficial for console players as well.

Playable Characters

The rumble is between 24 players i..e 8 teams face off each other. Obviously this is not the final list, this is just the character list from the Exclusive Beta in Japan. Right now there are 3 categories attack, defense and support type heroes/villains. Each and every character has his or her own unique play style.

  • Midoriya
  • Bakugo
  • Todoroki
  • Asui
  • Uraraka
  • All Might
  • Cementoss
  • Mt Lady
  • Shigaraki
  • Dabi
  • Toga
  • Mr Compress

What to expect?

My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble is Anime Gacha Battle Royale, there will be different classes and rarity of characters. To date, we have only confirmed 12 playable characters but it is obvious that there will definitely be more coming as the game is released. It’s a 24-player rumble which is expectedly short and understandable, any more than that will make the game clunky and chaotic.

It is a very decent and stable game for its open beta no bugs or glitches. Obviously, there will be different costumes and skins to pull as well. There is no expectation of it being a pay-to-win as the paying part will mostly affect the cosmetics. Also, there is a self-res system so make sure to thirst them. The game is very customizable.

The Latest Trailer

My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble’s latest trailer we can see how the abilities of heroes and villains work. The arena where the battle will take place is from the iconic Arena of the trainee exam. We get to see our favorite characters in action.

Gameplay Details

My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble is a battle royale between 24 players. The open beta showcases only the Arena from the anime where the trainee heroes get attacked by villains. The play style is fairly straightforward, each character has 3 abilities that you can level up. The first ability is usually a projectile-based one.

Deku collecting cards in My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble | Mediareferee
Collect cards to level up your character ability

To level up your abilities you need to collect cards of your category or your character. However, Deku doesn’t need to collect his cards, he can collect any defense-type card to level up his ability. Try can pick up other type cards as well but they become buffs. You can get a movement speed buff or cooldown reduction buff.

In My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble we have health and shield bars and you can find consumables for them. Teams are organized in squads of 3 (8-team battle royale.) Also like all battle royales, there is a circle that keeps shrinking which will give damage to players. Except in this Battle Royale, you die if you are outside the circle beyond the time given.

There is the main classification based on your character, Hero, and Villain. Heros can help the civilians and get random items and the villain can just straight-up rob the civilians for items. There is also a ping system in the game to help your teammates with items.

Todaroki in Ultra Rumble | Mediareferee
The circle closes in as the match progresses.

Blocking in this game is a little funny, to block you have to stop doing any action. That’s very hard when you get beaten by your opponent. My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble is a little unpredictable sometimes but as it’s just the beta we can have higher expectations from the game in the future.

You can change the key binds and you play the screen as per your preference. Needless to say, this gives a lot of room to the PC players for a better experience. After making so many good games on console it is understandable why Bandai Namco decided to make a more PC-friendly game, as anime titles get older and cheaper they sell better on PC.

Many older anime games have had very difficult controls and make them a struggle to play on PC, this will attract the PC player base. For more updates, you can check out the official notice of the PS4 Beta release.

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