Best Platform to Play Fortnite: Console vs. Mobile vs. PC

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Fortnite is a multi-platform game. But which is the best platform to play Fortnite? Know it here.

Fortnite, the adventure game from Epic Games is a multi-platform game. Fortnite offers 3 different in-game modes with tons of content, features, and new mechanics. All these get upgraded with new chapters and seasons. Fortnite has been a fascinating experience for fans as it has stunning visuals, gripping challenges, extraordinary soundtrack, and more content. Apart from all these, Fortnite is a free-to-play game and this has been the major reason for the game’s massive success.

Fortnite is available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, and more. Though you can play the game on any platform, yet there are arguments regarding which is the top platform to play Fortnite other the years. This has been due to some minor differences on every platform. Fortnite was launched for PC and then it was available for every device. Playing Fortnite on PC and playing it on Mobile is obviously not the same. Mobile doesn’t have a mouse or keyboard. Similarly everything differs from PC to other consoles.

Even there are some restrictions to console users who play Fortnite. Right from graphics to aim assist, there are major differences as well. But these differences won’t stop one from exploring tons of content in Fortnite. Know the major gameplay and in-game settings differences between PC, Console, and Mobile in our Fortnite guide here.

Fortnite Platforms – Which is the Best?

Every user gets access to all content of Fortnite regardless of the platforms they play. However, the changes among all platforms are between graphics, sound, and controls. 

Fortnite PC users can use mouse and keyboard. This provides them an advantage over mobile users. However, players who use mobile can just touch and swipe. Even rotating and aiming become easier. When it comes to visuals, pc Fortnite users get the best experience. Visuals and graphics for other consoles and mobile are great, but if you compare them with PC, again there’s a difference as PC holds an edge over other platforms.

Again, Frame Rate in Fortnite is another setting which provides hassle-free experience. Fortnite Mobile and Console users can use between 60-120 FPS. For PC Fortnite users, some high-end devices support upto 300 fps. This is another difference and even many players play Fortnite PC considering this factor.

Aim Assist is another important mechanic in Fortnite. This feature lets you aim at opponents and the best Aim Assist settings are available for Console users. Aim Assist gets better with controller rather than mouse. Here, Console users have an advantage over others. For Mobile, it’s all about tilting and touching.

Graphics and Soundtracks have been top-notch for all Fortnite platforms. Even in mobile, players get the best experience without using earphones. There has been a minor drawback for Fortnite iOS users regarding graphics and visuals, but yet players have never complained about bugs or other things related to gameplay.

These are all the major differences between Fortnite platforms. Everyone loves Fortnite and the debate of the best Fortnite platforms will never have a conclusion as PC users love playing on PC, Console users get the best experience on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, and Mobile users stick with Android and iOS.

 Also, Fortnite supports cross-platform features as well and you can engage in some fiery battles with your friends through the game’s cross-play features. Here’s our Fortnite cross-play guide to help you get kickstarted.

Fortnite has been providing the best content and features to all platforms. There has not been a compromise on quality over the years. Continue playing battles, weekly quests and become a pro player.

Is Fortnite available for Mobile?

Yes, you can play Fortnite on Android and iOS by downloading it from Epic Games Store website

Is Fortnite Free-to-play?

Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative are completely free. While you need to pay some bucks to purchase Fortnite Save the Edition Pack

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