Who is Vache in Honkai Star Rail? – Everything We Know So Far!



Who is Vache in Honkai Star Rail? Know everything about this unknown NPC from Belobog.

Honkai Star Rail is a 3D exploration and adventure game. There have been several mysterious characters in Honkai Star Rail. Players have witnessed certain characters during various missions and events. Some characters’ names have been mentioned in glimpses. Vache is one among many mysterious characters of Honkai Star Rail. Vache Harrower, the NPC from Jarilo-VI is the brother of Natasha. He is a doctor by profession and not much information about this NPC has been known yet.

Vache’s history suggests he’s a talented student from Belobog Medical School. He’s also a shrewd character and has been known for discovering several medicines. Some players have also spotted Vache’s Letter, Readable in Jarilo-VI. Who is Vache? Is Valche a playable character? These have been the questions of players in Honkai Star Rail. Here’s everything we know about Vache Harrower and his stories in our guide.

Honkai Star Rail Vache – Everything You Need to Know

Vache is a skillful doctor from Jarilo-VI and hails from a medical family as well. He’s also the only brother of Natasha. Vache worked as a doctor in the overworld surface area of Belobog, Jarilo-VI. Vache is an introvert and he’s very much passionate about finding new medicines. Later, he descended to the underground area, Underworld, of Belobog in Jarilo-VI for new research.

The research is all about finding a new medicine to tackle the cold weather conditions in Belobog. Vache came to the underworld and also helped Natasha in her clinic. Later, he started his research to develop Blizzard Immunity (medicine). 

This medicine can cure people of Belobog against Eternal Freeze and Fragmentum Corrosion. He continued to work on the medicine day and night. Later, when some enemies discovered Vache’s arrival and his intentions, Natasha had to expel him from the Underworld.

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Natasha and Oleg sent Vache to the Outlying Snow Plains. He successfully completed his research and development blizzard immunity as well. The medicine worked well and there were no side effects for Silvermane Guards, who used this at the snow plains.

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Natasha and Oleg went back to the Snow Plains to meet Vache. The guards informed them that Vache went missing and they had no contacts as well. Years went by and still, there are not many updates and information about Vache. Natasha presumed Vache is dead and she’s also built a grave near his Abandoned Laboratory as a tribute to his phenomenal works.

Players were able to collect Vache’s Letters during the Blizzard Immunity events. Blizzard Immunity, this event is a part of the companion missions of Natasha. Blizzard takes place in Boulder Town (The Underworld Area), Belobog, and other parts of Jarilo-VI Planet as well.

Whenever the Blizzard Immunity takes place, you can acquire Vache’s Letters. Vache is just an NPC and is not a character as rumored earlier. We have to wait and see if he’s an upcoming character in Honkai Star Rail. As of now, there are no updates on Vache’s arrival as a character in the game. 

That’s everything you need to know about Vache in Honkai Star Rail. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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