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Honkai Star Rail has launched its Stomach Web Event luring fans in masses with its free items. Here is everything to know about it.

Honkai Star Rail Way of the Stomach Web Event
Honkai Star Rail Way of the Stomach Web Event

Honkai Star Rail has joined the Gacha games reigning as one of the top RPG titles. Since its release, it has been offering fans various events and excellent content like Web events and collaboration. Main characters of the game Trailblazers can also be a part of The Way of the Stomach Web event. The event has gone live from June 27th, 2023 12:00 a.m. UT+ 8.

Honkai Star Rail players eagerly awaited the launch of the long-awaited event, “Honkai Star Rail The Way.” This new web event features valuable Stellar Jades and Refined Aether that must be collected before their expiration on July 4th,2023 at 11:59 p.m.

So let’s see what’s so special about this event in Honkai Star Rail.

What is Honkai Star Rail Way of the Stomach Web Event?

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Honkai Star Rail Way of the Stomach Web Event cooking event

This event is a cooking-themed event that has been added to the game as an exciting fun experience. It allows players to put their culinary skills to work and explore a range of mouth-watery delicacies.

In the Way of the Stomach Web Event of Honkai Star Rail players will have to provide services to customers. This is their chance to display their outstanding cooking skills in the game.

Players can now become chefs aboard the Star Rail Space-faring train, exploring the magical Universe of Honkai Star Rail with a stop at Xianzhou Luofu. Here players have to fulfill the cravings of the interstellar customers with their unique delicacies.

The event is set to run from June 27th, 2023 to July 4th, 2023.

So if you are wondering how to impress your customers with your great cooking abilities to fulfill stomach with mouth-filling dishes, here is how to do it.

During the event, players will take on the role of managing the express eatery which is a restaurant on the Xianzhou spaceship. The goal is to complete all the orders by fulfilling your customer’s cravings with the utmost quality. By keeping up your standards your store’s reputation will grow and will upgrade your levels with positive food reviews.

To succeed in the event, players must complete in-game and out-of-game tasks. These tasks include daily activities like logging in, using the Trailblazer power feature, and engaging with Hoyoverse-related social media platforms.

You have to engage in these tasks to attract more customers to your restaurants. This way you will progress through the game. By participating in daily research players can maximize their efforts to get positive responses. You also, have to ensure that they collect their rewards before the event ends

The Way of the Stomach web event requirements

Way of the Stomach web event requirements
Way of the Stomach web event requirements

In the event, players will get many different customers with different tastes you must fulfill. As the Chef of Eatery Express, you have to put your best skills into making the food that your customer is craving. So should have the knowledge of all the required ingredients and the food that has to be cooked and served.

Some of these customers’ upcoming version 1.1 characters are Luocha and Yukong. There are also some important NPCs from Xianzhou Luofu who will order different kinds of food. You will be required to meet a certain goal each day and claik the rewards for it.

Here is a list of rules that you have to keep in mind to meet the requirement of the event.

  • Manage the Express Eatery by serving delectable meals to the customers.
  • Properly fulfill their orders to gain more store level, and the reviews will come flooding in.
  • Complete the tutorial to receive orders from two customers and login into the event on a daily basis to receive a new order.
  • Collect extra orders by completing event missions, which can generate up to four extra customers a day.
  • Customers will request a specific order or ask for recommendations; fulfilling either of them will grant one point of Store EXP.
  • The store caps out at level 6, and you will need to complete a certain number of orders to increase each level.
  • Each level also unlocks store rewards, and completing all orders will also unlock the store’s review gallery.

The Way of the Stomach Web Event Rewards

The way of the stomach web event rewards
The way of the stomach web event rewards

The rewards that you will be getting will be based on the level that you have acquired throughout the event. These rewards are eligible for players after level 6 and they will increase as players will continue serving more food and receiving positive reviews in return. There will be many customers who will give you extra rewards upon anything a milestone. Here is a complete list of all the rewards that you are guaranteed to get upon completing this event.

The participants of the event are bound to get 20x Stellar Jade and 1x Refined Aether after unlocking every store level of the Express Eatery. The total completion reward sums up to 120x Stellar Jades and 6x Refined Aether. Players will receive 15x Lost Gold Fragments, and 75,000 Credits after getting the customer’s feedback.

Level 1Stellar Jade x20, Refined Aether x1
Level 2Stellar Jade x20, Refined Aether x1
Level 3Stellar Jade x20, Refined Aether x1
Level 4Stellar Jade x20, Refined Aether x1
Level 5Stellar Jade x20, Refined Aether x1
Level 6Stellar Jade x20, Refined Aether x1

That is everything to know about The Way of the stomach web event in Honkai Star Rail and what exciting awards it has to offer. Make sure you redeem it before it expires.

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