How to Play Fortnite on XBOX Cloud Gaming



You can now play Fortnite on XBOX Cloud Gaming! Check our guide to find out how to play games using cloud gaming.

Fortnite is one of the top battle royale games in the world currently. Ever since Fortnite was launched, its reach and success have been staggering and unreal. Even the developers of Fortnite, Epic Games, would not have imagined a massive reception when they launched this game. An epic battle royale game that has 3 distinct in-game modes. You fight against others in solo, duo, or squad modes. The last survivor out of a hundred players remain the winner. You can complete quests, and missions, and unlock new rewards which include skins, cosmetics, and guns. Fortnite has launched more than 3 chapters. Currently, the new Mega season, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is live.

Fortnite was initially launched for PC and Nintendo. As the game’s success has been phenomenal, Epic Games decided to make it a multi-platform game. You can play Fortnite on PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and even on Android and iOS. You can also play Fortnite on XBOX One and Series. Fortnite is also accessible on Xbox Cloud Gaming. To those who are struggling to play Fortnite on the XBOX Cloud Gaming platform, here’s our guide on how you can play the battle royale game on XBOX Cloud Gaming.

Steps to Play Fortnite on XBOX Cloud Gaming

You can play Fortnite on the XBOX Cloud Gaming platform on Android, iOS, PC, and other devices. Here is the procedure,

  • Create an account on XBOX Cloud Gaming
  • Now explore the XBOX Cloud Gaming official website 
  • Now you can search for Fortnite on the search box
  • Proceed to select Fortnite and sign in with your account 
  • Again sign in to your Epic Games account and start playing the game now

That’s how you can play Fortnite on the XBOX Cloud Gaming platform. And, the XBOX Cloud Gaming Beta is only available only in limited regions and servers. XBOX Game Pass and XBOX Live Subscriptions are not mandatory for playing Fortnite on XBOX Cloud Gaming. Players just need to link your Epic Games account to Microsoft and create an official XBOX Cloud Gaming account on your device to play the game easily. You can play on Mobile, PC, iPad, and Tablets just with a browser. You can either use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari Web Browser is the best option to go with if you quickly want to launch the game from your Home Screen.

Fortnite XBOX Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming Devices

Only selected devices get access to Fortnite on XBOX Cloud Gaming. Here are they,

  • Android (All)
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPad Air 4th Gen
  • iPad Mini 5th Gen
  • iPad 8th Gen

That’s how you can play Fortnite on XBOX Cloud Gaming. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon. 

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