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Want to unlock the best features for all classes in Baldur’s Gate 3? Discover the best features for every race and class here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has many perks and traits for every class, race and character. Be it the spells or elixir potions, these are highly recommended to boost your performance and level up fast in the game. Features are extra skills that will grant massive bonus effects to your units. Features work based on your class levels in the game.

You have to reach certain levels with a class and race to unlock all features of Baldur’s Gate 3. Some will enhance your defense, boost your attacking skills and more like these are unlocked with all features in the game. Features grant some tremendous skills to your heroes and they can’t be missed while exploring new stories and battles. Here are the best features for all classes in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Powerful Features in Baldur’s Gate 3!

Features are additional stats. Just like spells, elixirs and weapons, these are required to tackle monsters and beasts. Every feature works differently. Some features are available from level 1 and some will be at different levels.Here are some of the top-tier features to use for combat and boss fights in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 features
Race and Class
  • Shield Proficiency – Use any shield and this feature doesn’t impose disadvantage on attack rolls. You will also be able to cast spells as well. Shield Proficiency feature is exclusive to Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger and Paladin. It will also go well with the College of Valour, Subclass of Bard (at level 3).
  • Colossus Slayer – A mind-boggling feature in Baldur’s Gate III that’s only exclusive to Ranger and its Subclass, Hunter. Your weapons will deal an extra 1d8 damage once your enemies lose their hit point levels. The effects are triggered only when your target loses hp.
  • Giant Killer – Giant Killer feature is used against monstrous creatures. You can use any reaction ( 1 reaction point) and return a melee attack. This feature is exclusive to classes like Hunter’s Prey and Hunter.
  • Superiority Dice – Superiority Dice will be d4 and you will get 4. Also, this can be increased to d10 with fighter classes at level 10. This feature fuels Maneuvers of Battle Master Subclass. Also, the effects can be expended after a long rest.
  • Lucky – Lucky feature lets you roll a 1 for attack rolls, saving throws or ability checks and you will also be able to reroll the dice and use the new roll. This feature is available to Halfling race and also the College of Lore, subclass of Bard.
  • Domain Spells – This feature unlocks spells to Cleric and all its Subclasses. The spells will be unlocked from your domain.
  • Disciple of Life – Use this to empower your healing spells with devotion. Once you cast spells, you will gain hit points based on the spell’s levels. This feature is only available to Life Domain, a subclass of Cleric.
  • Fleet of Foot – Movement Speed will be increased. Even your base walking speed is at 10.5m on average. Fleet of Foot is for races like Wood Elf and Wood Half-Elf.
  • Shortsword Proficiency – Utilize the effects of Shortswords equipment and add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls. This feature is available for Bard, Rogue, Monk, Elf, Drow and Githyanki
  • Rapier Proficiency – Rapiers equipment grant proficiency bonus to attack rolls. Bard, Rogue and Drow classes can unlock this feature.
  • Longsword Proficiency – Use Longsword and add proficiency bonus to attack rolls. Bard and Rogue class can unlock this at level 1. The feature is also exclusive to races like Elf and Githyanki as well.
  • Warding Flare – You will be surrounded by divine light. Use reaction to impose disadvantage on targets and this will also negate their attacks. It will make them miss their attacks. Also, attackers who can’t be blinded will be immune once the effects are active. Warding Flare works well with Light Domain (Subclass of Cleric) at level 1.
  • Bear Heart – Bear Heart is best used while raging and the Unrelenting Ferocity action gets unlocked as well. You will be immune to all types of damage except those of Psychic types. Bear Heart action is added as well and you will heal yourself with more stamina. The feature will be available and exclusive only to Wildheart, Barbarian Subclass at level 3
  • Eagle Heart – Diving Strike effect is unleashed when raging. You can use Dash as a bonus action. Enemies will be inflicted with disadvantage on opportunity attacks. You will unlock the Eagle Heart action and the feature works incredibly well for Wildheart at level 3.
  • Savage Attacks – Savage Attacks will be unlocked if you play as a Half-Orc race hero. Use a melee weapon and unleash a critical hit, this will provide an additional roll on weapon damage dice. Also, an extra damage will be added to your critical hit. 
  • Relentless Endurance – Whenever you survive against enemies with 0 hit points, your hit points will be +1. This feature works multiple times, but you have to complete a long rest. Half-Orc race gets access to this feature
  • Draconic Ancestry –  You will gain Draconic Ancestry. You pick one dragon from the table. This feat also provides breath weapon and damage resistance based on your dragon type. This feature is only available for Dragonborn races.
  • Tempestuous Magic – Tempestuous Magic lets you flight higher to a maximum of 9m  and unlock a bonus action without needing the opportunity attacks. This effect will be unlocked with a level 1 spell as well. If you are a Storm Sorcery (Sorcerer Subclass) unit, this is the best feature.
  • Uncanny Dodge – Uncanny Dodge is unlocked with Rogue class at level 5.  With lightning quick reflexes, you can get extra protection. Also, you will be able to negate attacks and receive half damage. This passive feature activates after you launch the first attack.
  • Extra Attack – This is a multi-class feature that grants extra attacks with an unarmed or weapon attack. Reach level 5 with Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Paladin and Ranger to unlock the effects. Also, Subclasses of Bard like College of Valour and College of Swords at level 6 will be able to activate this feature’s effects
  • Ki – A magical feature that will flow through all living beings. Your physical strength will be increased. Ki is available to Monk at level 1
  • Companion’s Bond – This unique feature is used to increase your bond with companions. Also, this lets you negotiate deals with NPCs easily. Proficiency bonus will be added to AC and damage rolls. Reach level 5 with Beast Master (Ranger Subclass) to activate this feature.
  • Fast Movement – Avoid wearing heavy armor sets to increase your movement speed by 4m. Fast Movement is for Barbarians at level 5.
  • Danger Sense – This level 2 Barbarian class feature provides huge bonus effects. You will be able to sense things when the situation is complicated.  Also, you will gain an advantage in Dexterity saving throws against spells, elemental surfaces and traps. Also, you will not be incapacitated, deafened and blinded.
  • Menacing – You will gain proficiency in the intimidation skill. Menacing is available for Half-Orc. 
  • Oath of Vengeance Tenets – Use your wisdom and fight against the greater evil. Paladins can unlock this feature at level 1.
  • Potent Cantrip – Once you unlock the Evocation school Subclass level 6, this feature will be added. Potent Cantrip inflicts damage in creatures even if they survive the Saving Throws
  • Projected Ward – Use the Arcane Ward feature and this helps you to avoid damage that your allies receive. The feature unlocks with Abjuration school level 6 
  • War Priest – Use an armed attack and make an additional attack using the Bonus Action from War Priest Charge. Activate the skill after reaching War Domain level 1 (Cleric Subclass) 
  • Wrath of the Storm – This powerful feature lets you attack with reaction. You will be able to deal d10 lightning and thunder damage even if your saving throw fails, it will inflict half damage. This feature can be unlocked with Tempest Domain (Cleric) at level 1 or 2
  • Divination Savant – You can learn divination spells from scrolls for 25 gold per spell level. Unlock Divination School level 2 to get access to this feature.
  • Instinctive Charm – You can charm targets and this will confuse them. The targets will attack other enemies as a reaction. Instinctive Charm gets unlocked at Enchantment school level 6
  • Primal Strike – Your attacks will turn magical in beast form. The Primal Strike feature removes resistance and immunity to non-magical damage. Reach level 6 with Circle of the Moon (Druid) to get access to these effects
  • Book of Ancient Secrets – This magic feature lets you inscribe magic rituals to your Book of Shadows. The feature also unlocks three different spells like Ray of Sickness, Chromatic Orb and Silence. Reach level 7 with Warlock to unlock this feature
  • Mire the Mind – Reach level 5 with Warlock and cast Slow spell to enemies with the spell slot and stop their mobility and actions.  Eldritch Invocations feature will be added as well
  • Goading Attack – You can goad targets to attack your units and also deal an additional 1d8 damage as well. Enemies will be inflicted with disadvantage whenever they attack other creatures. This feature unlocks with level 3 Battle Master (Fighter Subclass. You can also unlock this with the Martial Adept Feat.

These are the best features for every class in Baldur’s Gate 3. Features provide fantastic skills and increase your base stats. Reach new levels with all classes and races to get these exceptional features.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Spells available to all classes in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yes indeed, it’s available for all classes. Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 are magical items and can completely change your performance and skills. Spells are acquired in different schools and you need to complete side-quests and level up to get them.

How to Get Scrolls?

Scrolls, the consumable items can be used to read and also learn about new spells. You can get them from chests, book rows, traders, NPCs, merchants and desks. Scrolls in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be used one time to unleash any spell and you can use it later to learn all about those magical spells in the game.

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