Best Barbarian & Rogue Multiclass Build in Baldur’s Gate 3


A Barbarian Rogue multiclass build combines the strengths of both classes, offering high melee damage output and exceptional tanking abilities.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, putting together a good party and building characters are very important for success. It can be hard to get your party in the right balance for battle, tasks, and exploring the dungeon. There are a lot of different character classes, but the Barbarian Rogue multiclass build stands out as a strong and flexible option. This guide will go over the details of this mix, showing you the best races, backgrounds, ability scores, skill proficiencies, subclasses, feats, leveling up, and fighting styles to make the best Barbarian/Rogue character in Baldur’s Gate 3. Quickly download the game and start your journey.

Rogue class
Rogue class

Best Races for Barbarian Rogue multiclass build

Selecting the right race is crucial for optimizing your Barbarian/Rogue build. Two races, in particular, stand out as excellent choices:

Wood Elf

Wood Elves have many advantages that go well with the Barbarian/Rogue build. If you choose the Wood Elf subrace, your character can move an extra 1.5 meters, which makes them very quick. You’ll also become less likely to be Charmed and less likely to fall asleep magically, which will make you stronger overall. If you want to increase your level XP then use the Increased Level XP mod.


The Half-Orc race is great for people who like strong characters. Half-Orcs can deal strong blows because critical hits give them an extra damage die. They can also automatically gain 1 HP when knocked down in battle, once per Long Rest. This makes them great at absorbing damage.

Best Backgrounds for Barbarian Rogue multiclass build

When selecting a background for your Barbarian/Rogue, consider the skills it provides proficiency in and how it helps your character gain Inspiration. Two backgrounds are particularly suitable:


You can always go with the Outlander background for Barbarians. It makes you good at Athletics and Survival, which are important skills for avoiding enemy pushes and staying alive in the wild. It also gives you the chance to get inspired by interacting with dangerous animals and figuring out nature mysteries.


The Urchin background is well-suited for early Barbarian Rogue multiclass build. It provides proficiency in Sleight of Hand and Stealth—crucial skills for any Rogue. Inspiration can be obtained by using “street smarts” and aiding the less fortunate in Faerûn. With good build, you can solve puzzles and survive the Underdark or other quests.

Best Ability Scores & Skill Proficiencies for Barbarian/Rogue

Optimizing your ability scores is crucial for a successful Barbarian/Rogue build. Prioritize Strength and Constitution, with Dexterity not far behind:

  • Strength: 17
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Wisdom: 8
  • Charisma: 10

Intimidation is the primary speech skill needed for Barbarians, while Athletics is vital for physical tasks. Additionally, Perception and Sleight of Hand play key roles in detecting and disarming traps, making your character the party’s primary locksmith.

Best Subclasses for Barbarian Rogue multiclass build

Both Barbarians and Rogues unlock their subclasses at level 3. The best synergy for the Barbarian/Rogue build can be achieved by choosing the following subclasses:


As a Berserker, your Rage evolves into Frenzy, granting access to Frenzied Strike and Enraged Throw bonus actions. These abilities provide high damage potential and the ability to knock your target prone. Utilize Reckless Attack to gain Advantage on all attack rolls, offsetting the -1 Attack rating from these abilities.


If you choose the Thief subclass, you get a second free action every turn and can’t be hurt by falling objects. When combined with the Rogue’s dash and disengage bonus actions, this extra action gives you a lot of tactical choices. Being able to use both Frenzied Strike and Enraged Throw at the same time is helpful, especially when you need to attack more than one enemy. When traveling through dangerous terrain, being resistant to falling damage is very helpful.

Theif subclass
Theif subclass

Best Feats for Barbarian/Rogue

This Barbarian Rogue multiclass build allows you to reach level 8 as a Barbarian and level 4 as a Rogue, granting you the opportunity to choose three feats. Consider the following:


Select Athlete as your first feat to increase Strength to 18 and enhance your overall modifier bonus to +4. This feat also reduces the movement required to stand up from a prone position and increases jump distance by 50%, improving your mobility across battlefields. You can use builds like Shadowheart, Wyll, Minsc, and Minthara.

Ability Improvements

Invest both points in Strength to reach a total of 20 and a modifier bonus of +5. Alternatively, if you acquire the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength (which increase Strength to 23), allocate these Ability bonuses to Dexterity or Constitution.

Tavern Brawler

Choose Tavern Brawler to gain an extra point in Constitution. This feat allows you to add your Strength modifier twice to damage and attack rolls when making unarmed attacks, using improvised weapons, or throwing objects. Use Sildur’s Party Limit Begone mod, it expands the party limit. 

Best Barbarian/Rogue Level Progression

To optimize your Barbarian/Rogue build, follow this level progression:

  • Barbarian: Unarmored Defense, Rage
  • Barbarian: Danger Sense, Reckless Attack
  • Barbarian: Additional Rage Charge; Berserker Subclass: Rage turns to Frenzy, Frenzied Strike, Enraged Throw
  • Rogue: Sneak Attack (Melee or Ranged)
  • Rogue: Cunning Actions (Hide, Disengage, and Dash as Bonus Actions)
  • Rogue: Thief Subclass; Fast Hands, Second-Story Work
  • Barbarian: Athlete Feat
  • Rogue: Ability Improvements Feat
  • Barbarian: Extra Attack, Fast Movement
  • Barbarian: Additional Rage Charge; Mindless Rage
  • Barbarian: Feral Instinct
  • Barbarian: Tavern Brawler Feat

Barbarian/Rogue in Combat

Your Barbarian/Rogue character has several vital roles during combat:

  • Deal high melee DPS
  • Absorb substantial damage
  • Act as a pathfinder for the party

Count on your skills, like Rage/Frenzy, which protects you from physical damage and Mindless Rage protects you from Charm and Frighten. Make sure you use Reckless Attack to get an edge when you roll an attack. Check out your enemies, and if the fight looks tough, use your Rage to get extra power. Don’t forget to fight every turn and get close quickly.

Barbarian/Rogue Out of Combat

Your Barbarian or Rogue character is great at exploring dungeons when they’re not fighting. You are a great burglar because of Danger Sense and Barbarian’s strong skills, which give you an edge when it comes to finding and disarming traps. You can get around tricky terrain and avoid traps by using the Wood Elf’s movement boosts along with the Thief’s extra bonus action and the Cunning Action: Dash.

Wildheart subclass
Wildheart subclass

Best Companions for Barbarian Rogue multiclass build

With the Barbarian/Rogue’s versatility in melee DPS, tanking, and dungeon-delving, you have the freedom to choose companion characters that complement your strengths. A healer is crucial for sustained fights, while a character capable of dishing out magical DPS is essential. Consider the following companions:

  • Shadowheart: Respec her as a Life Domain Cleric to enhance her healing abilities.
  • Gale: As a Wizard, he can provide powerful buffs and damage spells.
  • Lae’zel: A Fighter with strong damage-dealing capabilities to round out the party.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make a strong Barbarian or Rogue character in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can handle a wide range of tasks and make a big difference in the success of your party. Check out some companion builds of Astarion, Gale, Halsin, and Jaheira.


Why choose a Barbarian/Rogue multiclass build in the game?

This multiclass build provides versatility, allowing you to fill multiple roles in your party, making it a powerful choice for various in-game situations.

What are the best races for a Barbarian/Rogue build in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The best races include Wood Elf, offering extra movement and resistance to Charm and Sleep, and Half-Orc, providing additional damage on critical hits and the ability to regain 1 HP when downed.

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