Best Halsin Build in Baldur’s Gate 3


For the best BG3 Halsin build, you can choose between Half Plate (medium armor), which provides a Dexterity bonus but hinders stealth rolls

Baldur’s Gate 3, the epic role-playing game, has captured gamers with its rich storytelling and intricate character development. Among the intriguing characters you can recruit, Halsin, the Druid, stands out for his ability to shape-shift into fearsome beasts and his unwavering devotion to the natural world. In this guide, we’ll dig into creating the best BG3 Halsin build. That will help you conquer the challenges that lie ahead in the game.


Choosing the Right Subclass: Circle of the Moon

To harness the full potential of Halsin’s shape-shifting abilities, the Circle of the Moon subclass is your best choice. This subclass empowers Halsin to transform into a wide array of animals, making him a versatile force on the battlefield. The Circle of the Moon provides Halsin with unique features. It gives Combat Wild Shape, Lunar Mend, and the ultimate ability to transform into a bear. As Halsin levels up, he gains access to a range of powerful Cantrips and spells. It complements his build, including Thorn Whip, Shillelagh, Guidance, Entangle, Thunderwave, and Animal Friendship.

Best BG3 Halsin Build: Gear Selection

Druids, including Halsin, excel in concentration spells. This makes it crucial to equip him with gear that enhances his survivability and combat prowess. While Halsin’s armor and weapon choices are somewhat limited, you can still optimize his loadout to make him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Best BG3 Halsin Build: Melee Weapons 

When it comes to melee combat, Halsin’s agility and finesse make him a deadly opponent. Here are some weapon options that synergize perfectly with his playstyle:

  • Scimitar: This weapon grants Halsin access to Flourish and Lacerate actions, allowing him to deliver swift and devastating blows to his enemies.
  • Dagger+1: Equipping Halsin with a Dagger+1 enables him to unleash piercing strikes that can pierce through enemy defenses effectively.
  • Javelin +1: If you prefer a ranged option for melee combat scenarios, the Javelin+1 provides Halsin with the Piercing Strike ability, making it a versatile choice.

These weapons are ideal for situations where Halsin needs to conserve his primary shapeshifting abilities and engage in close-quarters combat.

Best BG3 Halsin Build: Ranged Weapons 

While Druids typically favor short-range weapons, Halsin can still make use of ranged options to maintain a safe distance from his enemies. Here are some recommended choices:

  • Hand Crossbow: With the Hand Crossbow, Halsin gains access to the piercing shot and Mobile shot actions, allowing him to strike with precision even while on the move.
  • Firestroker: Similar to the Hand Crossbow, the Firestroker offers piercing shot capabilities, making it another excellent choice for ranged combat.

Best BG3 Halsin Build: Armor 

To maximize Halsin’s effectiveness in battle, consider the following armor options:

  • Half Plate (Medium Armor): Equipping Halsin with Half Plate armor provides a bonus to Dexterity while still offering reasonable protection. Keep in mind that this choice may impose a disadvantage on stealth rolls.
  • Studded Leather +2 (Light Armor): Studded Leather +2 is an ideal light armor choice for Halsin. It grants him a bonus in Initiative rolls and superior padding to reduce bludgeoning damage.
  • By selecting the appropriate weapons and armor for Halsin, you can optimize his combat abilities. You can ensure he thrives in various scenarios throughout Baldur’s Gate 3.


In conclusion, Halsin, the Druid, is a unique and valuable addition to your party in Baldur’s Gate 3. By choosing the Circle of the Moon subclass and equipping him with the right weapons and armor, you can unlock his full potential as a shape-shifting, nature-loving powerhouse.

Mastering Halsin’s abilities and tailoring his build to your preferred playstyle will greatly enhance your gaming experience in Baldur’s Gate 3. So, venture forth into the world of Faerûn, embrace the power of nature, and let Halsin lead your party to victory!


What makes the Circle of the Moon subclass the best choice for Halsin?

The Circle of the Moon subclass empowers Halsin to transform into a wide range of animals, enhancing his versatility in combat. This subclass offers unique features like Combat Wild Shape and Lunar Mend, making it the ideal choice to unlock Halsin’s full potential.

What are the recommended melee weapons for Halsin’s build?

For melee combat, consider equipping Halsin with a Scimitar for Flourish and Lacerate actions, a Dagger+1 for piercing strikes, or a Javelin+1 for a versatile melee/ranged option. These weapons complement Halsin’s agility and finesse in combat.

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