Path to Nowhere Stargazer – Build and Strategy Guide


Here is the Path to Nowhere Stargazer guide that will give you the best build and strategy to become stronger and beat everyone.

From November 10 to November 24, Path to Nowhere players can expect to travel into the hostile desert with one-time events and two new Sinners to Arrest. Upon successfully completing certain event challenges, players will receive Endura A Rank Kawa-kawa for free, while Arcane S Rank Stargazer will appear prominently in her own rate-up banner.

Gamers can also get awesome in-game gifts from the Supply Office, including a unique avatar frame, Hypercubes, and new clothing, as well as these two Sinners. Managing the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC) requires you to put the pieces of a world in disarray back together with the help of your team of Sinners. In this guide, we will discuss Path to Nowhere Stargazer. 

Path to Nowhere Stargazer
Path to Nowhere Stargazer

Path to Nowhere Stargazer

Stargazer has a maximum HP of 3680. The attack is 644 and the defense is 240. Furthermore, the Resistance is 257.


Celestial Phenomenon

When the Stargazer uses her magical weapon, she channels energy through it, dealing (Attack*71%) Magic Damage each time.

Victory Star

A “Victory Star” is called forth on the target grid by Stargazer. Each time, there can be up to two “Victory Stars.”

Astral Guidance

Damage given to an enemy by any “Victory Star” is enhanced by 4% when it is hit by the same “Victory Star” several times in a short period of time. Up to five repetitions of the effect can be combined.

Astrologer Exclusive Brand: Special Ability

Land of Dreams was added as an exclusive kill. Guide the Victory Stars and deal 60/70/80% of your own magic damage every second to yourself and all Victory Stars in the nine-square-area. A Dreamland kill can only be used once per battle. Dreamland lasts for 8 seconds and is interrupted by other actions.

Path to Nowhere Stargazer Build


Shackles Sync I: Increased damage from summoned creatures by 8%.

Honorable: 10 seconds into the game, Victory Star receives a 20% Attack boost.

False Words: When Victory Star fades, Stargazer gains 5 energy back.

Early Game

Syndicate: Glory – The damage received is +25% and Magic Damage is +15%. Slot 1 will be of Attack of 1.8%-3.6%. Slot 2 will be of health Health 3%-6%. Lastly, the slot 3 will be of Magic Damage 3%-6%.


  • Fury

Recover 20% of your self-HP immediately after using an Ultimate. This can only be triggered once every eight seconds, at most.

  • Obsession

Eliminates one bad impact from oneself automatically every 15 seconds.


Path to Nowhere Stargazer Strategy

In addition to dealing magic damage, Stargazer’s ultimate summons a victory star onto the target grid. There can be up to two stars present at once. A victorious star possesses a set proportion of the max health and attack of the stargazer. She has a clone of herself, but it only has a portion of her attack HP, so every so often, two enemies are placed in an A3 by A3 square around it, and it does a portion of attack magic damage to them.

Again, she is a must-summon for that reason alone. In addition to the units you’re going to deploy, it would be a significant advantage if you could bring more units to the battlefield. This is especially true if you come across a group of foes.

When a victory star damages the same adversary repeatedly in a short period of time, her passive ability, Astral Guide, activates. All Victory stars boost their damage to that Enemy by a specified amount. The effect may be used a certain number of times. Another passive does magic damage to All Enemies in a 3×3 area surrounding it when a victory star vanishes by dealing a percentage more than her own attack.

Increase damage

Summon creature damage can be increased by a specific proportion depending on the initial attribute a sinner adopts while using magic tools for magic output. She is one that you should summon for as it will be crucial in this game. The phase 2 attribute ultimate can be applied to an already-existing Victory star to deal damage twice within a range from the realm of Truth.

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