Path to Nowhere Mantis Best Build and Strategy Guide


This article showcases the Path to Nowhere Mantis character’s best tips, tricks, and gameplay tactics.

Path to Nowhere Mantis Bio: Mantis is one character in “Path To Nowhere” that sticks out as a powerful force. With an S-Rank threat rating, this mysterious sinner is a formidable opponent. Mantis was released together with the exhilarating Eternal Nightmare event and may be obtained by calculated Arrests.

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Path to Nowhere Cover

Path to Nowhere Mantis Background

Mantis comes from an unidentified place that is designated “■■,” which lends her origins even more intrigue. It states that she was born on November 28 and that her height is 171 cm. Mantis is allied with the troops of IMMORTAL and has the extraordinary talent of biological mimicry.

DisSea heavily tainted Sinner. Gains 2 M-Value for every damage dealt, with a maximum of 10 M-Value every second. When M-Value hits 50, it enters [Corruption State], increasing attack by 8% and using up 4 M-Value every second. Leaves [Corruption State] upon reaching zero M-Value.

The subject’s physical makeup resembles that of some well-known apostles of doom, specifically the Mantis tribe. Her biological features and capabilities include a chitinous exoskeleton, extraordinary reflexes, and rapid vision. She is able to adjust as a result to the harsh survival circumstances found in the Black Ring.

Path to Nowhere Mantis
Path to Nowhere Mantis Art

Path to Nowhere Mantis Overview

Assessment: S Class

Alignment: Immortal

Roles: Umbra

Ability: Biological Mimicry

Mania Intensify: Mantis’s combat skills are enhanced when she feels fierce, as she gains a 10% increase in her CRIT Rate.

Mantis Art

Path to Nowhere Mantis Skills


Basic Attack

Mantis uses her two scythes to attack. Every attack deals 65.6% Physical Damage (Attack equals assault).

[Corruption State]: Mantis attacks with a 20% Attack Speed increase, swinging her two scythes quickly. Every attack deals 80.5% Physical Damage (Attack equals assault).

Perforating Sickle

Passive Skill

Acquire 3% CRIT Each time [Aerial Calamity] strikes an enemy, the rate increases. There are eight possible stacks for this effect.

Natural Hunter

Passive Skill

Depending on Mantis’s orientation, different effects will be applied when she deals damage to enemies with [Sever], [Aerial Calamity], or [Wilderness Adventurer].

Mantis recovers (Damage equal to 3%) HP if facing forward.

If Mantis is facing in a different direction, he receives a 35% CRIT Damage boost when he deals damage.

Aerial Calamity

Ultimate Skill

In addition to moving to the farthest place within skill range and dealing (Attack equal to 700%) Physical Damage and 1 Core Damage to all enemies within skill range in the selected direction, Mantis also stops early if the target grid cannot be entered. CRIT strikes may be caused by [Aerial Calamity]. Mantis’s CRIT Damage boost and CRIT Rate determine the CRIT impact. You may charge [Aerial Calamity] up to twice.

[Corruption State]: Mantis quickly turns backwards and does (Attack equal to 1050%) Physical Damage and 2 Core Damage to all enemies within skill range, rather of traveling to the farthest location within skill range.

Wilderness Adventurer

Exclusive Crimebrand Skill

Mantis receives a 25% increase in CRIT Damage. New Ultimate Exclusive [Adventurer in the Wilderness]. Mantis enters the designated grid and strikes every enemy inside a 3×3 square with frontal and rear attacks. Every attack causes Physical Damage equal to (Attack equal to  250%).

Hits from [Wilderness Adventurer] may result in CRIT. Mantis’s CRIT Damage boost and CRIT Rate determine the CRIT impact. [Wilderness Adventurer] may only be used twice each combat and has a 10-second cooldown after each use.

Level 2 increased the CRIT damage by 32.5% and Damage Coefficient is increased to 325%

Level 3 increased the CRIT damage by 40% and Damage Coefficient is increased to 400%.

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Path to Nowhere Mantis Skills

This is the definitive guide for Path to Nowhere Mantis. For more content and guides on characters, check out this reroll guide on Path to Nowhere.

What class is Mantis?

Mantis is as S class sinner in Path to Nowhere

How to form the best team composition?

Experimentation is key for the best team formation. A player can form hsi own team that suits their playstyle.

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