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Master Black Clover M Kiato with his skills, gears, talents, and skill pages to unleash his full potential. Use this in-depth guide to improve your gaming!

Black Clover M is a mobile game that is basically a video game from the well-known Black Clover franchise. These kinds of mobile games are likely to receive regular updates that alter the gameplay and add new playable characters.

He is one such character that many people are vying to play at the moment. Even though this character is new to the game, people are already figuring out how to develop him to the fullest. Below you will find everything about Black Clover M Kiato.

Black Clover M Kiato: Who is he?

Black Clover M Kiato
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Black Clover M Kiato is a Seabed Temple priest. Alongside his younger sister Kahono, Kiato aspires to ascend to the surface and become an idol in the Clover Kingdom. He and Kahono practice their Song and Dance Magic for years to worship the Sea God and fulfil their dreams.

The Seabed Temple Arc is a compelling section of “Black Clover,” highlighting the characters’ abilities and shortcomings while giving the magical realm and its varied populace additional nuance. It’s a turning point in the story that highlights acceptance, cooperation, and the ability to overcome challenges with understanding and teamwork.

Black Clover M Kiato Guide & Build

Black Clover M Kiato is a young, aspirational person who makes an interesting appearance in the anime Black Clover. He is a member of the Underwater Temple and aspires to be one of the Clover Kingdom’s most well-known dancers. Kiato plays as a Technique Attacker in Black Clover M, amplifying his blows according to how many buffs he possesses.

Screenshot 383
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Kiato Skill Set


Cross Slash

  • Cross-slashes an enemy with two swords, dealing damage.
    • Upon having a [Buff], attacks after applying 15% [Increased DMG] to yourself.


Swirling Torrent

  • Slashes all enemies with a rapidly spinning force, dealing damage.
    • Attack after applying a 10% [Increased CRIT Rate] buff to self for each [Buff] affecting yourself.


Dancing Vortex

  • Slashes an enemy with a sword in a dancing motion, dealing damage.
    • Upon having 2 or more [Buff(s)], the skill will be a guaranteed CRIT.
    • Attack after applying a 15% [Increased ACC] buff to self for each [Buff] affecting yourself.


Combined Attack

  • Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy.
    • If an enemy is taking [Continuous Damage], apply 30% [Increased DMG] to yourself before attacking.

Kiato Best Gears

Screenshot 386
image via Garena International II

Like other Attacker characters, He performs his best when using the three 2-piece sets ATK, CRIT DMG, and PEN (PENETRATION). However, you can also choose to replace the PEN set with a different ATK set or possibly even an SPD set. Go ahead and try some things!

Kiato Gear Sets

Attack Set

  • 2-Piece
  • Main Stats: ATK


  • 2-Piece
  • Main Stats: ATK

Crit DMG/Crit Rate Set

  • 2-Piece
  • Main Stats: ATK

Kiato Best Skill Picks

He has an excellent selection of SSR and SR Skill Pages, just like many other attackers, but his Signature is by far his best option. If you are successful in obtaining it, fantastic! If not, here are some additional options!

Top SSR Picks

  • Dancing Determination
    • Before attacking, there’s a 40/60% chance to obtain a 20/40% [Increased CRIT Dmg] buff.
  • Breath of Darkness
    • Applies 10/20% [Increased All ATK] to yourself.

Top SR Pick

  • Sea Serpent’s Pride
    • Applies 7/15% [Increased CRIT Rate] to yourself.
  • Mysterious Ancient Book
    • Applies 7/12% [Increased Damage] to yourself.

Overview on Kiato

Black Clover M Kiato is a fantastic single-target damage dealer and a welcome addition to the Attacker team. But nothing makes him a must-pull given the sheer number of Attacker units we currently have, particularly after S2 Noelle and Julius. Go for him without a doubt if you enjoy his persona and the way he performs in the game. If you don’t have strong feelings for him, you can replace him with a variety of other Attackers.


Did Black Clover M Kiato lose his leg?

Although he is initially forced back by the spell, Vetto severs part of Kiato’s right leg and crushes Kahono’s throat. Kiato is left lying to the side and bleeding out, and is later saved by Vanessa Enoteca, who also ties a tourniquet around his leg, stopping the blood loss.

Is Black Clover M available in India?

The mobile game Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King, based on Yuki Tabata’s popular manga series Black Clover, will not be released in India

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