Black Clover M Mereoleona Guide – Best Build



Want to discover the best skills for Black Clover M Mereoleona? Then, scroll down and find the top-tier skills for this SSR unit.

Black Clover M is an enthralling fantasy RPG. Here, battles are  turn-based and you can deploy the best gears and skills to win combat. The Magic Kingdom is annihilated by the demon force. You need to be the savior of people of the kingdom and join hands with summoners to win challenges. A magical journey awaits you in the mysterious world where serenity and faith need to be restored.

Black Clover M is a regular gacha game. So, after completing tutorials, you can summon the strongest heroes to your squad. Be it PvP, Boss Fights or Dungeons, you can always focus on getting five-star units. Even four-star characters in Black Clover M work effectively with the best skills. Mereoleona is an iconic character in Black Clover M. She’s an insane attacking unit and a nightmare to her foes.

Mereoleona has gotten all the powers of a warrior. She’s a fire element character and is resistant against other elemental attacks.  Mereoleona is an iconic character in popular anime manga. She’s a damage dealer and wields a longsword. Here, you can find the best skills for Black Clover M Mereoleona that will get you the best build for the character as well.

Black Clover M Mereoleona Guide – All Skills

Black Clover M Mereoleona is primarily played as a sub-dps. But, you can use her as both support and tank as well. Here are the best skills for the four-star character,

Black Clover M Mereoleona
  • Calidos Strike – The skill launches a flamethrower and applies burn effects. If you lose hp, then the skill applies Taunt effects as well
  • Calidos Brachium, Barrage – This is an incredible skill for Mereoleona. She leaps into the air and punches targets and deals heavy damage. It will also apply bleed effects to enemies for a short time
  • Calidos Iron Fist – This special ultimate skill unleashes a powerful fist strike to front row targets. It also removes immortality effects from enemies and inflicts massive damage.
  • Passive Skill – The passive skill applies Mana Skin effects whenever SP is higher. The skill deals increased damage to close-range enemies
  • Partner Skill – A special ability that applies burn effects to all targets and blocks enemy’s attacks with a shield

Mereoleona is a limited-time character in Black Clover M. Right now, there are not many skills for her. You can utilize the available gear items and talents along with these skills. Mereoleona is a good dps and support. She’s a versatile unit and can be played at any position. With these skills, you can boost her powers and progress faster in the game.

Our Black Clover M Mereoleona guide includes the best skills and abilities for the four-star character, Mereoleona. Use these skills and embark on a new journey in the game’s second season. We will come back with more Black Clover M updates soon.

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How to summon the strongest characters in Black Clover M Season 2?

You have to complete the reroll in Black Clover M before summoning the best SSR characters. There will be a couple of small tasks in tutorials. You can play as a guest, complete tutorial quests and then pull the best characters. Once you are satisfied, then you can link your official accounts in Black Clover M.

Is Black Clover M Good?

Black Clover M is an intriguing fantasy RPG. The gacha game is all about exploring new worlds and fighting against hordes of bosses and creatures. Play as a Tank, Mage or Warrior, use skills and gear items to kickstart your campaign against strongest foes in the world

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