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The Monopoly GO Gravy Train is a special event that adds a festive Thanksgiving twist to the classic game. It is an intense contest.

Fans of Monopoly GO, get ready for an exciting ride on the Gravy Train! This is a unique game that will add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving celebrations. In the parts that follow, we’ll carefully look at the details of the Gravy Train event, breaking down its complicated rules and shedding light on the many rewards it offers.

The Monopoly GO Gravy Train is more than just an event; it’s a holiday show that adds a fun Thanksgiving twist to the classic Monopoly GO game. Before reading this article, picture yourself moving the pieces around the board, planning your moves carefully, and competing intensely in this special game.

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How Monopoly GO Gravy Train Works?

The Monopoly GO Gravy Train isn’t like other events; it’s an intense contest that promises a level of competition that has never been seen before. As soon as you reach the goal of five points, a door to a league of distinction opens, showing a playing field full of 49 other challenging players who are all hungry for victory. This isn’t just a casual get-together; it’s a lively group of Monopoly GO fans, all of whom are eager to get their chance to shine on the desirable Gravy Train stage.

The stakes are high, the energy is palpable, and the competition is nothing short of fierce as you start this trip. People who aren’t brave should avoid the Gravy Train. It’s a task that separates the strategic players from the casual competitors. In this event, every move you make and choice you make is very important to how things turn out. Learn everything about the tax refund.

Now picture this heightened state of mind being spread and amplified by the spirit of Thanksgiving. The holiday season of thanksgiving not only brings families together, but it also makes the Gravy Train event feel warmer. The tournament period gets longer, giving participants more time to show off their skills and fight for glory, which makes the action even more exciting. But that’s not all; there’s even more fun to come. All the points you get from player heists—those risky moves that make the game more difficult—are not only added up; they are twice! Yes, you read that right. There is a multiplier effect that can make any strategy move you make a game-changer.

Earning Points

To collect points, strategically land on Railway Tiles and execute various actions:

  • Blocked Shutdown = 2 points
  • Successful Shutdown = 4 points
  • Small Heist = 8 points
  • Large Heist = 12 points
  • Bankrupt! = 16 points

Boost your points further by increasing your dice multiplier. Remember, rolling high ensures winning big.


Extended Rewards for Gravy Train Participants

Participation isn’t just about the thrill; it’s about the rewards. Monopoly GO Gravy Train ensures that participants are generously rewarded, both for their final standings and milestones achieved during the event.

Final Standings Rewards

Here’s a breakdown of rewards based on your final place when the Gravy Train concludes:

1st2,500 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack
2nd1,200 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack
3rd800 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Purple Sticker Pack
4th600 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Purple Sticker Pack
5th500 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Purple Sticker Pack
6th450 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack
7th400 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack
8th350 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack
9th300 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Pink Sticker Pack
10th250 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Orange Sticker Pack
11th200 Free Rolls and Cash
12th150 Free Rolls and Cash
13th100 Free Rolls and Cash
14th to 15th75 Free Rolls and Cash
16th to 20th50 Free Rolls and Cash
21st – 50thCash

Strategies for Success

Achieving a coveted spot requires not just luck but also strategy. Consider the following tips to maximize your chances:

  • Dice Management: Strategically use your dice to land on Railway Tiles, aiming for high-scoring actions.
  • Risk vs. Reward: Assess the situation – opt for a safe play or take a risk for a higher reward.
  • Competition Awareness: Keep an eye on opponents’ strategies to stay one step ahead.
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Although there are other events in the game but, the Monopoly GO Gravy Train event is one of a kind and fun. Fans of Monopoly wouldn’t want to miss this chance, which comes with longer tourney times, doubled heist points, and a lot of tempting prizes. Roll the dice, make a plan, and try to win the Gravy Train competition.


How are points used in the Gravy Train event?

Points contribute to your final standings, and the higher your standing, the more significant the rewards you receive.

How to participate in the Gravy Train event?

Players can join the Gravy Train event by actively participating in Monopoly GO during the event period. Check the game for event details and instructions on how to enter the competition.

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