How to Get Monopoly Go Tax Refund


The Monopoly Go Tax Refund event started on November 13, 2023, and concludes on November 15, 2023. Get your rewards quickly with our help.

In the dynamic landscape of Monopoly Go, where tycoons vie for supremacy, the Tax Refund event stands out as a golden opportunity. This event, which began on November 13, 2023 will last for two days. It offers a wide range of tempting in-game prizes, from extra cash to rare sticker packs. This guide goes into great depth about the Monopoly Go Tax Refund event, including important dates, points you need to earn, and great tips to make your game experience better.

Tax Refund
Tax Refund

Monopoly Go Tax Refund Event Overview

The Monopoly Go Tax Refund event introduces 50 milestones, each with its set of rewards. Players accumulate points by strategically navigating the board, landing on specific tiles to amass bank notes. Scheduled to conclude on November 15, 2023, this event offers a generous timeframe, allowing players to amass wealth and revel in the festivities.

Monopoly Go Tax Refund Milestones and Rewards

The journey through the Monopoly Go Tax Refund event is marked by milestones, each unlocking unique rewards. Here’s a glimpse into the tantalizing offerings:

Milestones 1-10

Green Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 25

3 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 20

25 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 40

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 45

75 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 150

3 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 40

15 Mins Rent Frenzy

Required Points: 50

Green Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 55

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 65

200 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 375

Milestones 11-20

5 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 60

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 75

Green Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 90

6 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 80

10 Mins Cash Boost

  • Required Points: 10

500 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 850

8 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 100

Orange Sticker Pack

Required Points: 110

50 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 120

11 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 115
Monopoly Go
Monopoly Go

Milestones 21-30

700 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 1.3K

Pink Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 150

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 160

13 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 175

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 200

1K Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 2K

Golden Orange Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 275

16 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 300

10 Mins High Roller

  • Required Points: 325

100 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 400

Milestones 31-40

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 1.6K

19 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 450

150 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 500

26 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 650

Blue Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 750

2K Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 4.5K

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 800

Blue Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 900

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 1K

5 Mins Cash Boost

  • Required Points: 1.2K

Milestones 41-50

3.8K Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 10K

Purple Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 1.5K

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 1.8K

600 Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 1.9K

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 7K

30 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 2K

Golden Blue Sticker Pack

  • Required Points: 3K

Cash Rewards

  • Required Points: 3.5K

45 Pickaxe Tokens

  • Required Points: 4K

Golden Ble Sticker Pack and 7.5K Dice Rolls

  • Required Points: 17.5K

Extended Time Advantage

Take the treasure
Take the treasure

The Monopoly Go Tax Refund event gives you an extra hour to finish, unlike the ones that came before it. Take advantage of this extra time to carefully earn points, which will raise your net worth and speed up landmark changes. Focus on falling on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles during the Monopoly Go Tax Refund event to get the most points. Every time a player visits these tiles, they get two, three, or five points. You can unlock a lot of prizes as you reach goals and earn points.

Pay attention to the Egyptian Treasures competition if you want to get through the Monopoly Go Tax Refund event faster. This not only increases your chances of winning, but it also gives you a lot of free die rolls, which are necessary for the event to end.


The Monopoly Go Tax Refund event is like a treasure chest full of goodies, like 16.6K free dice rolls, 182 Pickaxe tokens, big cash bonuses, and highly sought-after sticker albums. To win this event, you’ll need to carefully roll the dice, earn over 70,000 points, and then open a chain of prizes. Take the chance to improve your game experience and get rich in the exciting world of Monopoly Go.


Can I complete the sticker album during the Monopoly Go Tax Refund event?

Yes, completing the sticker album before the conclusion of the Epic Myths season at the end of the month yields exciting rewards. Aim for the golden sticker packs from the Tax Refund event to expedite album completion.

What distinguishes the Tax Refund event from previous events in Monopoly Go?

The Tax Refund event offers one extra hour for completion, providing players with a strategic advantage to accumulate more prizes, enhance their net worth, and expedite landmark upgrades.

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