Path to Nowhere Cinnabar – Best Build and Strategy Guide


This article showcases the Path to Nowhere Cinnabar character’s best skills, tips and gameplay tactics.

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Bio: The subject, who had previously worked as a security supervisor for the prestigious security firm Serpent Eye, betrayed the confidence of others by abandoning her employment without authorization, putting high-ranking officials in jeopardy and resulting in a disastrous security breach.

The person was placed on the Public Security Bureau’s most wanted list after he or she persistently resisted being taken into custody while evading capture with the assistance of multiple accomplices.

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Path to Nowhere Cover Art

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Background

She is capable of charging the movable, personalized barrier generator whenever needed. Most physical or energy attacks can be repelled by the unique power shield it releases.

After undergoing Serpent Eye’s rigorous onboarding physical examination, the individual showed no signs of a latent infection. It is verified that the subject’s initial awakening occurred while battling terrorists while on a mission to defend officials. Check out the Path to Nowhere Iron guide.

No evidence of corruption in Mania was found. possesses exceptional shooting, counter-surveillance, and fighting abilities. The subject is more resistant to corruption than average people because of their innately high intelligence and physical strength.

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Overview

Min Stats Breakdown


Assessment: A Class

Alignment : Treachery

Role: Endura

Ability: Energy Barrier

path to nowhere cinnabar
Cinnabar Art in Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Skills breakdown


Basic Attack

Cinnabar attacks with expert combat skills.

Her first attack deals Attack equal to 104% Physical Damage with a kick.

The second attack involves her kicking and shield-wielding, with each blow inflicting Attack equal to 62% Physical Damage. Check out the Path to Nowhere Iron guide.

Pressure Shield

Passive Skill

Cinnabar obtains a shield for five seconds equal to 12% of his maximum HP before taking damage. Every 25 seconds, this effect can be triggered once.

Comprehensive Field

Passive Skill

A 10% shield bonus is awarded to all allies at the beginning of the conflict.

Wall of Sighs

Ultimate Skill

Cinnabar surrounds herself with a barrier that covers a 3 x 3 square, giving her teammates a shield every second equal to 2.5 percent of Cinnabar’s maximum HP. The shield has a 7-second duration.Cinnabar blocks two less attackers during the eight seconds of [Wall of Sighs], and any movement she takes breaks the effect. Cinnabar cannot automatically replenish her energy when [Wall of Sighs] is in effect.

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Team Build and Chemistry Breakdown

CracheEMPZoyaLuvia RayArielCinnabar
Bai YiPricillaWendyVictoriaAnneCinnabar
Screenshot 2024 02 01 173241
Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Snapshot

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Shackles

Will to Protect-

“Wall of Sighs”: now applicable on any grid, no longer restricted to being centered around the self.

Pressure Feedback

“Pressure Shield’s” cooldown is renewed by using “Wall of Sighs”.

A 3 point reduction in Ultimate Energy Consumption

Shackles Sync I

Shield Efficiency is increased by 5%

Shackles Sync II

Shield Efficiency is increased by 5%

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Other Skills

Cinnabar Exclusive Brand – Special Ability Description

“Cinnabar Exclusive Brand”: All friendly units on the field will receive a shield when Pressure Shield is activated, and the shield’s value will be 50/60/70% of Pressure Shield’s value.


A Sinner with a knack for defense. has the ability to block two opponents at once and 10% more shield efficiency.

Leader Skill

Deploy Barrier: The created shield receives an additional effect that reduces damage inflicted to the shielded unit by 5% for the duration of the shield.

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Cinnabar in Path to Nowhere

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What class in Cinnabar?

Cinnabar is an A class character in Path to Nowhere

How to form the best team?

In case of Cinnabar, her team chemistry varies and depends on other characters. Besides that, every player can experiment and mix and match their own team that suits their playstyle.

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