Path to Nowhere Iron- Best Build and Strategy Guide


This article showcases the Path to Nowhere Iron character’s best tips, tricks, and gameplay tactics.

Path to Nowhere Iron Bio: Iron is a sinner with an A-Rank threat classification. One of the primary characters in the SALVA Chaos narrative is Iron. She oversees SALVA as chief physician and boss, frequently collaborating with head nurse Anne. You can get her by making an arrest.

Path to Nowhere Iron
Path to Nowhere Cover art

Path to Nowhere Iron Background

The SALVA Hospital is the sole facility in Syndicate that offers refuge and medical care, but it is also shunned due to suspicions of unapproved neuromodulation. It is discovered that the subject abuses their particular authority to host, collect Mania sufferers, conceal the identity of a Sinner, disobey MBCC rules and regulations, and pose a high danger of contamination to the Syndicate. It is advised that you be arrested and detained right away.

able to accurately regulate neurocurrents and combine the mechanical arm and nerves to produce complex and potent combat effects.

Awakened in the latter stages of Mania. thought to have adopted drastic steps to halt the contamination’s spread and turned Sinner after preventing the M value from rising any further.

Iron has an extremely unhealthy lifestyle and frequently stays up late or even all night researching new medical therapies, despite constantly reminding patients to follow a healthy food and lifestyle. She usually eats fast food since it saves time.

Path to Nowhere Iron Cover Art

Path to Nowhere Iron Overview

  • Assessment: A Class
  • Alignment: Anger
  • Roles: Umbra
  • Ability: Neural Electrode
  • Sinner Info: Iron is a Sinner skilled in breaking Cores. Deals Core Damage when an Ultimate is cast.
  • Mania Intensify: Post-surgery Care: All allied Sinners get 15% Physical Penetration for 10 seconds after causing Core Damage.

Path to Nowhere Iron Shackles

  • Electrical Activity: By [Central Induction], there are now ten [Electrocution] mark stacks added.
  • Shackles Sync I: Physical Penetration is increased by 7.5%
  • Inhibit: For eight seconds, enemies struck by [Precision Scalpel] will have 15% less Attack.
  • Emotion Resonance: Ultimate Energy Usage decreased by three points
  • Shackles Sync II: Physical Penetration is increased by 7.5%
Iron 3
Path to Nowhere Iron Screenshot

Path to Nowhere Iron Skills


Basic Attack Skill

With each attack, Iron deals 97% of her attack damage in Physical Damage with her mechanized arm.

Damage is increased to 103%, 110%, 117%, 125%, 134%, 143%, 153%, 163%, 174%  as levels increase from level 2 to level 10 respectively.

Central Induction:

Passive Skill

Enemies hit by Iron’s standard attacks receive eight stacks of [Electrocution] every twenty seconds, which last for ten seconds. [Electrocution]: ten seconds of duration. When an enemy with [Electrocution] takes Ultimate damage, they are stunned, and their Magic Damage is reduced by one stack of [Electrocution] and 30% of the damage dealer’s Attack damage.

The time interval is reduced to 19 , 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 seconds as levels increase from level 2 to level 10 respectively.

Neural Reflex:

Passive Skill

Iron’s standard attack becomes a two-hit attack when she uses [Electrocution] on an enemy, with each blow causing Physical Damage (68% of her Attack).

Damage is increased to 72%, 77%, 82%, 88%, 94%, 100%, 107%, 114%, 122% as levels increase from level 2 to level 10 respectively.

Precision Scalpel:

Ultimate Skill

Iron moves to the target grid and launches six physical assaults that deal 90% of the attack damage to all foes in range. One core damage is dealt at the first hit.

Damage is increased to 96%, 103%, 109%, 117%, 125%, 133%, 142% ,152%, 162% as levels increase from level 2 to level 10 respectively.

Iron 2
Path to Nowhere Iron Bio

What class is Iron?

Iron is an A class Sinner in Path to Nowhere.

How to form the best team?

Teams are formed by character chemistry and the player’s playstyle so experimentation is key in such scenarios.

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