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Do you want to get the best build for One Punch Man World Triple Staff Lilly? Then, use these skills and abilities.

Completing One Punch Man World boss battles and joint action missions is only possible with the best fighters in your party. Having a top-ranked fighter like Smile Man or Zombieman always increases your chances of winning. In battles, fighters have to punch enemies, move around and launch attacks from every end to eliminate monsters. You can summon SSR and SR characters using gold and silver from the Character Draw tab.

Triple-Staff Lilly, the young and energetic girl from the Blizzard Group will be one of the best additions to your party. Triple-Staff Lilly wanted to be the Miss Blizzard in the world, but the situation in the metropolis has transformed her as a warrior. Triple-Staff Lilly is a Six-star SR character that no one would like to miss out from their squad. She’s an insane fighter who wields a powerful Triple-Staff weapon. Here are the top skills and talents that will unleash the best build for One Punch Man World Triple-Staff Lilly.

One Punch Man World Triple Staff Lilly – Best Skills

One Punch Man World Triple Staff Lilly
One Punch Man World Triple Staff Lilly

When Lilly arrives with her Triple-Staff, it’s dangerous for her foes. She’s an agile player and has plenty of skills in her bag. Triple Staff Lilly enters another state called the ‘Dazzling State’ by using blossom points. Her skills will double in the Dazzling State. Here are the recommended skills for  One Punch Man World Triple Staff Lilly,

Core Skill

Use a normal attack of Lilly and gain blossom points. With blossom points, Triple-Staff Lilly can enter her dazzling state form and boost her damage. A maximum of 100 blossom points can be accumulated by Lilly

Normal Attack (Stick Strike)

Unleash heavy strikes and launch 4 attacks to accumulate blossom. With blossom points, Lilly’s DMG will increase to 440%. She can deliver 6 strikes to enemies in a large area in the Dazzling State and the damage will be 690% of ATK

Rotating Strike

This skill works well with Blossom Points. Activate it and dash a random target to deal heavy damage. Rotating Strike generates 18 blossom points. 

Swift Step

Activate this skill to perform an accurate dodge. Whenever Lilly gets hit while dodging, the Accurate Dodge will be activated and Lilly will perform a massive attack. Swift Step doesn’t consume stamina and it generates 45 points of blossom

Whirlwind Sweep

Whirlwind Sweep can be used when you attack close-range enemies. It deals 490% DMG of ATK and accumulates 35 blossom points. Once all the blossom points are used, Lilly can swap the skill with another ability called Eternal Bloom. Again, she enters the dazzling state and deals heavy damage. The dazzling state will be active for 45 and Lilly’s normal attacks will increase

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Flower Blossom Strike

While the skill is active, Lilly can enter the Dazzling State and get 2 additional usage attempts. Lilly quickly jumps behind the enemy and executes a powerful downward chop

Falling Petal Strike

This skill combines Triple-Staff into a normal staff. Falling Petal Strike also feels a heavy strike combo on enemies and deals 1000% DMG equal to 1000%

Ultimate Skill

Triple Staff Lilly’s ultimate skill increases damage up to 5000%. It also grants a damage buff to companions for 40 seconds

One Punch Man World Triple Staff Lilly Potential

By utilizing all six potential tiers, you can unleash the beast skills of Triple-Staff Lilly. Here’s how all potential skills work,

  • Potential Tier I – This unstoppable skill ensures none of the Falling Petal Strike attacks will be interrupted. Damage for Lilly will increase by 30%
  • Potential Tier II – ATK +40% from the character’s composure atk stat
  • Potential Tier III – The dazzling state duration will increase by 25%
  • Potential Tier IV – Raid Break Level Limit +2
  • Potential Tier V – Dazzling State triggers accurate dodge and it also refreshes the CD of 3 Falling Petal Strike 
  • Potential Tier VI – Every hit of Falling Petal Strike will grant 0.75% DMG bonus. It can also stack up to 40 times. If it’s not triggered within 30 seconds, the effect will also be removed

How to Get Mystery Tokens in One Punch Man World?

Mystery tokens are mystery coins and these are found in major locations like City A and City Z. You can explore hospitals, shopping district, station street and chain supermarket to get these mystery coins. The entire Hero Association Headquarters in One Punch Man World can be explored fully to collect all Mystery Tokens in the game. Mystery tokens are collectibles that you have to pick to complete a side-quest.

How to Get One Punch Man World Collectibles?

Collectibles like currency and silver are essential resources in One Punch Man World. These can be earned by completing Joint Action System quests and Story missions. Also, you can use promo codes to get World Silver and other resources. With these, you can upgrade skills for fighters and develop their stats.

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