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Do you want to find the best skills for One Punch Man World Smile Man? Explore our guide and find the top skills and potential for the A-ranked hero.

One Punch Man World, the anime action adventure is all about exploring the metropolis along with Saitama and other units in the world. A unique fighting game where you have to punch enemies and launch your skills to defeat monsters. One Punch Man World has incorporated new gacha features. After completing the tutorial, you can reroll and summon fighters to your party. The Joint Action System and Commissions are major challenges in the game.

With top-tier fighters, you can help Saitama and save the organization from the dangerous faction. Smile Man, the A-class hero is one of the best starting heroes in the game. You can add Smile Man to your squad after completing the first combat.  With a huge Kendama and magical skills, you can dominate the organization with Smile Man. To maximize Smile Man’s potential, you have to recruit the best skills. Here’s all about One Punch Man World Smile Man build along with the best skills and abilities.

One Punch Man World  Smile Man Skills & Potential 

Smile Man is a Six-star SR tank and he wields a huge Kendama. He can play as a sub-dps or a support unit as well. The best Smile Man skills in One Punch Man World are,

One Punch Man World Smile Man
Smile Man

Core Skill

The core mechanism allows Smile Man to refresh all his skills and retain his powers by hitting and catching a ball.  It also grants a Smile Energy. The core skill is one of the best abilities for Smile Man. It boosts his ATK and DMG constantly in battle.

Normal Attack

This Hammering skill unleashes 5 strikes and deals damage equal to 520% of atk. Enemies will be inflicted with heavy attacks from Smile Man’s weapon. The skill also grants 1 stack of Smile Energy during the fifth strike.

Kendama Toss

You can use a Ken and throw the ball. It will return after reaching the sky and deal damage to enemies in its radius. With the ball, you can cast this skill and deal heavy damage using the Ken.

Kendama Storm

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Smile Man skill

While the skill is active, you can quickly spin the Ken and inflict 100% damage while moving. If you manage to catch the ball, then Smile Man can use his sword and strike enemies by hitting the ball

Kendama Termination

This skill uses 1 stack of Smile Energy and dashes enemies. Once the attack is done, it will refresh 2 Kendama Storm.


Use ultimate points and deal damage equal to 5000% of atk. The ultimate skill increases damage for Smile Man’s allies by 5%


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One Punch Man World Smile Man

You can maximize Smile Man’s skills by utilizing his potential. Here’s how you can use his six potential tiers,

  • Potential Tier I – Kendama Termination uses  3 stacks of Smile Energy and deals 40% increased damage
  • Potential Tier II – If your neg crit hit is triggered by an attack, your damage will be boosted by 60%
  • Potential Tier III – This boosts the SPD of Kendama Storm by 45% when spinning and attack
  • Potential Tier IV – Affix: Resolute Attack level limit is increased by +2
  • Potential Tier V – Kendama Storm DMG increases by 30%
  • Potential Tier VI – An additional stack of Smile Energy is earned when you successfully manage to hit the ball

You can use these skills and get the best One Punch Man World Smile Man build and dominate the metropolis. Be it the Joint Action Terminal, Commissions or Boss Fights, every challenge is important.

How to Get Mystery Tokens in One Punch Man World?

Mystery tokens are mystery coins and these are found in major locations like City A and City Z. You can explore hospitals, shopping district, station street and chain supermarket to get these mystery coins. The entire Hero Association Headquarters in One Punch Man World can be explored fully to collect all Mystery Tokens in the game. Mystery tokens are collectibles that you have to pick to complete a side-quest.

How To get Collectibles in One Punch Man World?

Collectibles like currency and silver are essential resources in One Punch Man World. These can be earned by completing Joint Action System quests and Story missions. Also, you can use promo codes to get World Silver and other resources. With these, you can upgrade skills for fighters and develop their stats.

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