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Want to dominate each planet in Golden Sun with your adepts? Then, check our Golden Sun djinn guide and discover the best djinn locations, uses and more.

Golden Sun series has been one of the best fantasy roleplaying games. Here, you play as magic teenagers known as adepts. The world of Weyard is in danger as enemies plan to invade other worlds using magical powers called alchemy. In Golden Sun, adepts can make use of Djinn, Psynergy and other magic elements.

In Golden Sun, there are plenty of boss fights against monsters, puzzle quests and campaign story missions. Magic spells known as Psynergy are potions required to slay monsters. Characters and their strengths in Golden Sun revolve around four elements like Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Each character belongs to a class and element and adepts can change their skills and classes with creatures called Djinn.

Each element has more than five Djinn in the entire Golden Sun Universe. Djinn enhances adepts’ powers and attributes. You can power-up Psynergy with these Djinn. Djinn  works once in a combat and it will automatically be added to the Stand-by game mode. Djinn is an integral part of the game. Here’s all about Golden Sun djinn abilities, working style and more from our guide here.

Golden Sun Djinn Guide & Walkthrough 

Golden Sun Djinn guide
Djinn in Golden Sun

 Djinn in Golden Sun are lethal entities. Adepts can summon Djinn as their companions to boost hitpoints and increase their damage stats. Djinn act as collectable creatures and this lets adepts to use new classes, unlock powerful synergy, buff spells, and upgrade weapons. Djinn constantly changes attributes for every adept. Djinn can be paired with all adepts and elements.

The entire gameplay and stories in Golden Sun will be based on Djinn. Without Djinn, elements and adepts in the game will not function. Each Djinn in the Golden Sun is located on different planets. They will be found in caves, hidden inside cliffs and many more locations. These Djinn offer bonus effects and increase stats like Hp, Pp, Attack and Agility. Here you can find all djinn locations and uses from our Golden Sun djinn guide.

Golden Sun Djinn Guide: All Mars Djinn Locations in Golden Sun

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Djinn location in Golden Sun
  • Forge – This is located near a ledge in Goma Cave. Forge boosts luck, hp and agility.
  • Tender – Tender is available in Hesperia Settlement. Tender boosts Agility and Pp.
  • Fever – This one is south of Imil Town. Reach the cavern and find it near a small frozen cave. Fever enhances attack and hp stats for adepts.
  • Corona – Corona is found in Xian of Angara. Travel to the Fogall Forest or islands in the North side to find it. Corona boosts luck and defense for all adepts.
  • Scorch – Explore the  Kalay Tunnel in Kalay region to unlock Scorch. Scorch primarily boosts hp and defense.

This is the Golden Sun Djinn guide for Mars Djinn.

All Jupiter Djinn Locations in Golden Sun

  • Breeze – Travel to the Tret Tree dungeon in Kolima Forest. Breeze Djinn is found in an exterior region. Breeze Djinn works well with all types of battle commands in the game.
  • Gust – Reach the Bilibin town and find the cavern. Gust is located inside the warehouse of Lord McCoy and it will be hidden. Gust increases physical strikes and powers of adepts.
  • Kite – Kite is hidden in Vale cave. It is also found in Yamata City. Use halt Psynergy to unlock the Djinn. Kite Djinn increases mobility and attack.
  • Squall – Squall is found in Altmiller Cave. You can reach the cave from Tolbi and use Frost to unlock it. Squall will grants a buff and adepts will receive bonus damage.
  • Smog – In Lamakan Desert, you can find a pair of rocks on snowy locations. You also have to use Reveal Psynergy to make smog visible. Smog grants damage multiplier and damage points.
  • Luff – Reach the Babi Lighthouse in the northeast of Gondowan. Here, there will be obstacles like traps and plants. You can use Growth Psynergy and disable traps. It will also reveal the way to Babi lighthouse. Solve puzzles and slide through mazes to get the Luff. Luff Djinn provides hp and luck boost.

This is the Golden Sun Djinn guide for Jupiter Djinn.

All Venus Djinn Locations in Golden Sun

  • Flint – Flint is easily accessible from the Vale village. Flint increases hp and boosts damage.
  • Granite  – Visit the Kolima town and find tree houses. You can access the secret door and find granite. Granite provides a buff and reduces the DMG taken for all adepts.
  • Sap – Sap is located in the Vault dungeon. You can reach from the wooden watch tower. Sap will increase HP and attack. It will also provide a luck boost.
  • Ground – Travel to Kalay port and walk towards the west. Ground Djinn is located near Kalay docks. After you cross the Karagol Sea, you can find ground  closer to the Altmiller Cave. Ground increases Venus Djinn’s hp and agility. It also provides a defense buff for adepts.
  • Vine – Travel to Lamakan Desert in the central region of Angara. Vine will be seen near a small dungeon. Vine instantly provides hp and atk boost.

This is the Golden Sun Djinn guide for Venus Djinn.

All Mercury Djinn Locations in Golden Sun

  • Fizz – Once Mia joins your party, you will automatically receive the Fizz djinn. Fizz grants debuff and it provides extra hp and agility.
  • Dew – To find Dew, you have to reach the west of Gondowan and find the thirr screen in Suhalla gate. Slide through a cliff to find the djinn. Dew increases the damage stats.
  • Tonic – Tonic djinn is available in Lunpa Fortress of Lunpa town. Meet the Mayor Donpa and get access to the storage room to find Tonic. Tonic provides extra agility and pp.
  • Mist – Mist djinn is available in main spots of the Xian town. You can find it near a river and cliff where an old woman resides. Mist enhances damage stats for Mercury adepts.
  • Spritz – Reach Altin town in the lower central locations of Angara. Reach the Altin Town dungeon’s lower level and unlock the djinn. You have to cross Altin mines and solve some puzzles. Spiritz djinn focuses on boosting atk
  • Hail – You can find the Hail djinn everywhere. But the best location is the wild regions of Tolbi. Hail increases defense and luck.

This is the Golden Sun Djinn guide for Mercury Djinn.

That’s everything you need to know about the locations and uses of Djinn in Golden Sun. With Djinn, you can take your game to the next level. Our Golden Sun djinn guide includes the best Djinn and their locations along with the effects they provide.

Is Djinn Effective for Golden Sun Combat?

Djinn are special creatures in Golden Sun. They are located on all planets of the open world. Djinn changes attributes and classes for all adepts. Djinn is also used to boost your skills and power.

Is Golden Sun available for PC?

No, Golden Sun games are not available for PC. You can play Golden Sun on Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Golden Sun is a series of fantasy RPGs that follow the story of magical units known as Adepts in the world of Weyard.

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