How to Make the Best Team in One Punch Man World?



Are you struggling to unleash the best team in One Punch Man World? Discover the top tricks from our One Punch Man World best team guide and kickstart a successful journey in the metropolis.

One Punch Man World is a strategy-based anime adventure game. This new fighting game from the One Punch Man series has hit the bullseye. Players have been loving gameplay features, new gacha mechanics, locations in the metropolis and all amazing fighters. Saitama, the protagonist, is all set for a new journey in the metropolis.

In One Punch Man World combat, players can punch and knock out opponents. You can deploy fighter skills by tapping the controls. Gameplay is fast and you have to complete a challenge with Saitama to kickstart the campaign. As you enter the Hero Association Headquarters, you will meet new NPCs and get access to the Joint Action Terminal system where new missions will also be available. Battles are party-based in One Punch Man World. 

After completing the starting challenges, you can reroll and summon six-star characters like Zombieman and King. You have to unlock more characters to strengthen your squad. First, you can play with Saitama and 2 fighters. As you progress in the Joint Action Terminal, you can add more characters to your party. Though battles are team-based, you have to summon the strongest fighters and utilize their skills to win battles effectively. Here are some tips and tricks to make the best team in One Punch Man World.

Top Tricks to Get the best Team in One Punch Man World

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One Punch Man World best team comps is an advantage. You can fight against all types of bosses in the Headquarters. Here are some strategies to unleash a powerful squad in One Punch Man World,

Complete Story Missions

One Punch Man World story quests are essential for your progress. Both Commissions and Joint Action missions will be available once you complete the tutorial. By completing story quests, you will be able to draw new characters and add them to your party. With more fighters, you can easily get the strongest team part in One Punch Man World. Start playing all story and joint action quests to summon the best characters to your squad.

Use Collectibles to Upgrade Characters

In One Punch Man World, you can upgrade fighters’ skills, stats and potential by using collectibles like gold, currency and impression arms. These collectibles are used to upgrade characters, summon new fighters and unlock new missions in the Joint Action. Complete the first set of joint action missions and reach ‘Team’ level 2 to get access to all types of collectibles in the game.

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Deploy the Best Fighters

Monsters are vulnerable against different types of fighters. If a monster is strong against Assault, then you can use fighters that have high Morale. If a monster is vulnerable to Technique type enemies, you can unleash the strongest technique units. This is the key to winning boss fights against elite enemies in the game.

Swap Your Units

Best team in One Punch Man World
Character Development

From the Team tab on the home menu, you will be able to access all available characters in One Punch Man World. You can swap them and build the best party. You can make a stronger squad in One Punch Man World based on characters’ level, rarity and experience. Also, you can pick fighters by analyzing their potential, merit and arms skill

These are the top strategies to unlock the best team in One Punch Man World. Not all battles are team-based, but still fighters have to assist Saitama and defeat monsters. Use these skills for Smile Man  and uncover the best build for the tank.

How to Get Mystery Tokens in One Punch Man World?

Mystery tokens are mystery coins and these are found in major locations like City A and City Z. You can explore hospitals, shopping district, station street and chain supermarket to get these mystery coins. The entire Hero Association Headquarters in One Punch Man World can be explored fully to collect all Mystery Tokens in the game. Mystery tokens are collectibles that you have to pick to complete a side-quest.

Can you Play One Punch Man World on PC?

Yes, One Punch Man World is available for windows. You can play the game on PC through BlueStacks. One Punch Man World is also available for Mac and you can play through an emulator.

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