One Punch Man World Lightning Max Build – Best Skills, Playing Style, Weapons & More



Kickstart your campaign in One Punch Man World with Lightning Max. Discover the best skills for the A-ranked hero from our One Punch Man World Lightning Max build.

One Punch Man World is a stunning anime action game for PC and mobile. Players can explore the open world along with Saitama and other heroes. The gameplay is fast and battles are strategy-based where you fight against different types of monsters. One Punch Man World is a unique gacha game and here your progression will be based on your team’s level in the joint action terminal mode.

After completing the first joint action mission, you can start unlocking new fighters to your team. The top-tier SSR and SR characters can be summoned using world currency. Lightning Max, the A-class hero, is strong in close-range battles. Lightning Max can punch and kick targets and knock them down. Here’s all about One Punch Man World Lightning Max build, skills and playing style.

One Punch Man World Lightning Max Skills

Lightning Max can be your main dps in team-based battles. The A-ranked hero attacks faster and enters another state after receiving damage. Lightning Max can be played with a supporter or healer along with other dps tanks. With some raging skills, you can maximize the abilities of this SR fighter.

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One Punch Man World Lightning Max

Core Skill

The core Skill provides Gunpowder from Firepower Loading skill. With the Gunpowder, Lightning Max can deal extra damage as a normal attack or through the lightning roundhouse kick. The core skill of Gunpowder can be stacked 6 times per combat.

Elasticity Rapid Kick

The normal attack launches 6 strikes. Lightning Max deals damage equal to 400% of atk. You can use gunpowder and unleash High-speed Pursuit attacks. The normal attack can be used multiple times and if just consumers gunpowder

Firepower Loading

One Punch Man World Lightning Max
Lightning Max

This grants 6 bars of Gunpowder and you can unleash fiery attacks. Tap the skill to stop it and you can use more Gunpowder to keep launching attacks

Lightning Kick

Dashes enemies and inflicts heavy damage. Based on the dash distance, Lightning Max’s atk will increase

Lightning Roundhouse Kick

Lightning Max kicks an enemy and deals damage equal to 300% of base atk. You can use Gunpowder and gain invulnerability for some time. This skill deals damage equal to 480% of atk


Dodge is a common combat technique for every fighter in One Punch Man World. Use 100 stamina and dodge any attack. You can tap the dodge button again to perform strikes for 2 shifts by spending gunpowder.

Lightning Max – Potential

Potential has six tiers and these are based on the playing style of Lightning Max.

  • Potential Tier I – Use gunpowder to increase normal attacks 
  • Potential Tier II – Penetrating Eye level limit +2
  • Potential Tier III – Lightning Kick boosts damage stats
  • Potential Tier IV – Mind Reader Level +2
  • Potential Tier V – Use the firepower loading skill and land an attack in the orange zone to increase the damage bonus duration to 20 seconds
  • Potential Tier VI – Whenever the Roundhouse Kick attacks enemies 40 times, following actions will not utilize gunpowder

How to Collect Mystery Tokens in One Punch Man World?

Mystery tokens are mystery coins and these are found in major locations like City A and City Z. You can explore hospitals, shopping district, station street and chain supermarket to get these mystery coins. The entire Hero Association Headquarters in One Punch Man World can be explored fully to collect all Mystery Tokens in the game. Mystery tokens are collectibles that you have to pick to complete a side-quest.

How to Get Collectibles in One Punch Man World?

Collectibles like currency and silver are essential resources in One Punch Man World. These can be earned by completing Joint Action System quests and Story missions. Also, you can use promo codes to get World Silver and other resources. With these, you can upgrade skills for fighters and develop their stats.

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