How to Open the Crystal Encased Chest in WoW Dragonflight


Want to open the WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest? This guide has all the information you are looking for so read it till the end.

The Zaralek Cavern is a recently added area in the popular online game World of Warcraft, which was introduced in the Dragonflight Patch 10.1. This new zone is located underground and features an array of exciting new treasures, including the highly popular Crystal Encased Chest.

The WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest is one of the many treasures hidden within the Zaralek Cavern. It is particularly special due to its unique contents. However, accessing the rewards within this chest is not an easy task. In fact, each chest within the cavern has its own set of requirements that players must fulfill before they can claim their rewards.


The treasures hidden within the Zaralek Cavern are deeply buried and require players to navigate through a series of challenges and obstacles to reach them. Do not worry because our guide will help you to open this chest easily. 

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Locating the WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest

While exploring the Viridian Throne section of Glimmerogg, keep an eye out for two stone hands with a rock between them. These hands are located before a waterfall at coordinates 36.43, 74.26. It can be easy to overlook them if you’re just exploring, but these hands mark the location of the Crystal-Encased Chest.

Requirements to Open the WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest

Like other chests in the Zaralek Cavern, the WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest requires certain items or knowledge to unlock it. To open this chest, you need a pair of Attunement Crystals, one Purple and the other Yellow. However, they are not immediately available.

To find the crystals, you need to use your dragon riding mount. You will see two rocky pillars near the chest, and the crystals are located at the top of each pillar. The Purple Crystal is at 37.71, 68.87, while the Yellow Crystal is at 39.41, 73.32. Use your mount to carefully aim and land on top of each pillar to activate the crystals. The crystals will then fly to the chest once they are activated.

Opening the WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest

Once you have activated both crystals, they will appear alongside the Crystal Encased Chest within the Zaralek Cavern. After a brief animation, the chest will finally open, revealing its contents and allowing you to claim the rewards within. The rewards found inside the Crystal Encased Chest are particularly valuable and sought after by many players of World of Warcraft. Among the items that can be obtained are the Dragon Isle Supplies and Shadowflame Crests, both of which are considered rare and highly desirable by players.

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Dragon Isle Supplies are particularly useful for players who wish to craft items or engage in trade with other players. These supplies are known for being difficult to acquire, which is why obtaining them from the WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest is such a valuable opportunity.

Shadowflame Crests, on the other hand, are a special type of currency that can be used to purchase powerful gear and other high-level items. These crests are particularly valuable to players who are seeking to advance their characters to the highest levels of gameplay.

Other Puzzle Chests in Zaralek Cavern

The Crystal-Encased Chest is not the only puzzle chest in Zaralek Cavern. The Blazing Shadowflame Chest requires Onyxia’s Cape from Vanilla WoW, while the Dreamer’s Bounty chest requires an enemy debuff. The Ancient Zaqali Chest requires a simple bottle of magma. Each of these chests offers unique and valuable rewards, so be sure to explore the cavern fully.

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The WoW Dragonflight Crystal Encased Chest is one of the many treasures in Zaralek Cavern. To unlock it, you need a pair of Attunement Crystals, one Purple and the other Yellow, which are located on rocky pillars near the chest. Activating both crystals will cause them to fly to the chest, which will then open and reveal its rewards. Keep exploring the cavern and solve other puzzle chests to discover more valuable loot.

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