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Missing the Fortnite action and need something on the go? Check our guide to find out the ten best games like Fortnite for Android and iOS.

Fortnite is a massive battle royale game from Epic Games. Fortnite has been the best battle royale game ever since its release. The game has distinct features that include a variety of modes, maps, locations, weapons, skins, cosmetics, and more. You can expect new features and quests in all new Fortnite chapters and seasons. Currently, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is live which is also known as Fortnite Mega Season. You can take part in battle royale mode battles and defeat others to emerge as the sole survivor. 

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You can play in Fortnite creative mode with different zombie-based maps and islands. Fortnite Save the World is one of the best modes where you can play solo, duo, and squad modes. Travel across islands and complete new quests. Overall, Fortnite is a stunning survival game that’s available to play on all devices and consoles. Here are the ten best games like Fortnite for Mobile in 2023.

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Top 10 Games like Fortnite for Android

Here are the best games like Fortnite to play on Android and iOS in 2023.

Battle Bay (Android | iOS)

Battle Bay is a multiplayer vehicle-based 5v5 combat game from Rovio Entertainment Corporation. You can team with 4 players and battle against other teams. Equip your weapons and board a ship to battle against some of the mighty enemies. Use weapons and skills to deceive your opponents.  Speeder and Enforcer are some of the best weapons in the game. 

You can also invite friends to your lobby and play within yourselves. There can be 5 spectators for these custom battles. Complete tasks and quests to earn pearls, gold, and sugar. Unlock all achievements to level up. You can also take part in 5v5 tournaments. Use firepower, skills, and perks to thrash opponents. Battle Bay is a fun battle game that you can play and enjoy with your friends. Competitive multiplayer mode keeps the game going. Overall, Battle Bay is one of the best games like Fortnite to play in 2023.

Stumble Guys (Android | iOS)

Stumble Guys from the team of Scopely is a fun battle royale game with plenty of content and features. You can play with 31 players in the online multiplayer mode. Complete every round and each challenge will be at a different difficulty level. Every round is knock out and you have to survive without falling. Knockdown opponents and unlock new levels. 

You can run and even dash opponents. Complete all levels and win the race against your rivals or friends.  You can also dodge incoming attacks. Stumble Guys is one of the best battle royale games available for Android that’s thoroughly entertaining and engaging. Unlock new challenges, knock down your friends, and get free colorful rewards.

Rocket Royale (Android | iOS)

Rocket Royale is a tactical multiplayer shooter game from the team of GameSpire Limited. You have to craft materials to build a rocket. Defeat enemies on the island and escape from the place on a rocket. You can get all materials and resources from falling meteors. Any random player will try to hijack your rocket and equipment. You need to use skills and weapons to defeat them. Gather wood and other materials to build a fort and you can keep your rocket safely there. 

You can play in the game’s solo, duo, and squad modes. The squad mode allows up to 32 players. You can build a tower, a sky bridge, and more. Unlock weapons and hammers to defeat opponents. Choose your avatars and accumulate resources to build a rocket. Launch your rocket and move out of the island to unlock more challenges.

Pixel Gun 3D  (Android | iOS)

Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooter battle royale game. A tactical shooter game that has a plethora of PvP and PvE modes along with competitive multiplayer battles. There are thousands of weapons, bombs, and explosives. Pixel Gun 3D has more than 100 maps and there’s also a zombie survival campaign mode. These are the best features of this game. 

Your goal is to take your clan to the top. You can join your friends and battle against random players across the world. There’s a clan war battle and you can play as a team to showcase your clan’s skills and powers. You will receive valor points and rewards for every win in a war. Swords, Shields, Explosives, Grenades, Bombs, and more weapons are available to use. Take part in the game’s battle royale, duels, and PvP battles to unlock free skins and cosmetics. Complete all challenges and win tournaments to upgrade your clan. Overall, Pixel Gun 3D is an excellent battle royale game like Fortnite that you can play on Play Store and App Store.

Fog MOBA (Android | iOS)

Fog is a strategy-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game from the makers of Playneta Limited. Fog is a dark fantasy MMORPG where every battle will be thrilling. The challenges take place in a fantasy world and you need to be the sole survivor standing alone in the fog battleground. Battles take place in a magical fantasy world full of fog. You need to use all your skills and powers to make yourself away from the fog. 

Play the multiplayer mode with 30 friends and win more trophies, rewards, achievements, and collections. PvP battles take place in the arena and you can use weapons and shields to avoid attacks. Survive against every enemy in the world of magic and you can choose medieval weapons.  The plot takes place in the middle ages. Play as a warrior, knight, or mage. Defeat and kill enemies to get crates which range from bronze to nuclear. Choose magical artifacts and complete boss fights to get more rewards. Choose your heroes and equipment to kickstart a magical ride in the fantasy world of the middle ages.

Guns of Boom (Android | iOS)

Guns of Boom is a multiplayer tactical shooter game from the team Game Insight. Team based PvP battles will be held in different locations across the map. Equip your hero and use the best skills, cosmetics, perks, and abilities to transform his powers. Guns of Boom has fantastic visuals and graphics. Complete challenges and take part in events to unlock powerful skills. Use the best weapons and upgrade their stats to defeat every foe. Battles are fast-paced and intense. Overall, Guns of Boom is one of the best fps games for Android.

Apex Legends Mobile (Android | iOS)

Apex Legends Mobile from the team of Electronic Arts is a sensational tactical fps game. Apex Legends was initially launched on PC and other consoles. The game’s phenomenal success and reach paved way for its mobile release. Complete squad-based battles. Use weapons and explosives to take on mighty legends. New legends will be added in every update and season. You can play as a legend and team up with friends to complete battles. You will get skins and cosmetics as rewards. Every character has an ability and you can use it to demolish enemies. Take part in the game’s gripping multiplayer battles and showcase your shooting skills.

You also need to use the best settings and fps rate before taking part in battles. Crosshair is another best feature in Apex Legends Mobile that gives you the best position before targeting an enemy. Complete battles in all modes and maps. Participate in events and unlock more skins and cosmetics.

Subway Surfers (Android | iOS)

Subway Surfers from the team of SYBO Games is an iconic runner game. You need to run, run, and only run on a train. You can collect gold coins, boosts, and timers by jumping. With more than 100 crore downloads, Subway Surfers is an evergreen mobile game. Play as Jake and keep running. Inspector and his dog will chase Jake and you need to keep running. Never stop anywhere, else the mission will restart. Collect many coins and score more points. Use a hoverboard to fly and run faster. Use your jetpack to run at lightning speed and you can also earn x2 coins. You also need to save Fresh, Yutani, and Tricky from the grumpy policeman. Overall, Subway Surfers is a world-class arcade game.

Badlanders  (Android | iOS)

Badlanders is a competitive survival looter shooter game from the team of NetEase Games. Take your weapons and enter the battlefield to fight against warriors. Loot resources and survive against dark enemies. You have to be a survivor and scavenger. Loot many resources to craft food and weapons. Complete missions and earn cash rewards. Use cash to upgrade your skills. Get the best scores in every match and unlock new prizes. Badlanders is an intimidating survival action game that takes place in different battlegrounds. You can also trade and unlock new items using cash and unused weapons.

Season 7 of Badlanders has gone live and you need to unveil the secrets of the prism to get new weapons in this tactical looter shooter game.

Knives Out (Android | iOS)

Knives Out is a tactical shooter and survival adventure game from the developers of NetEase Games. More than 25 seasons have been released and the game is going strong like season 1. Enter the battlefield and compete against random players. Travel across the map and survive together with friends. You can use a sports car and other vehicles to travel. 

Choose your heroes and use skills and armor to take part in battles. You can also customize your outfits and other accessories. A fun and thrilling adventure ride is what you can expect in Knives Out. Season 27 of Knives Out, Winter Prelude is now live now, and you can complete new challenges to accumulate free skins and rewards.

These are the best games like Fortnite to play on Android and iOS.

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