All Signature Attachments and How to Unlock them in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Signature Attachments

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A lot of players are unaware of the CoD Mobile Signature Attachments or how to unlock them. This guide will tell you everything about them.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the Signature Attachment is a unique weapon feature that sets itself apart from other attachments in the game. Unlike other attachments that are typically unlocked through leveling up a weapon, Signature Attachments are obtained by completing specific in-game challenges. 

Once unlocked, players can only equip the Signature Attachment to a specific weapon, making it a valuable and exclusive addition to their loadout. So what are these CoD Mobile Signature Attachments and how to unlock them? We will tell you everything in this guide below.


All CoD Mobile Signature Attachments

Weapon NameAttachment TypeAttachment Name
AK-47BarrelGRU Combo Grip
RPDBarrelCooling Compressor Barrel
StrikerBarrelRTC Retractable Barrel
HBRa3StockThunderbolt Sling
DL Q33AmmunitionMaevwat Omega-1
PharoUnderbarrelUnderbarrel Stun Gun
M4UnderbarrelUnderbarrel Launcher
M16Weapon PerkWild Fire

How to unlock CoD Mobile Signature Attachments?

GRU Combo Grip – AK-47

The GRU Combo Grip is a great Signature Attachment exclusive to the AK-47 in Call of Duty: Mobile. The attachment provides players with a superior barrel and grip, resulting in significantly improved recoil control, while also offering a built-in suppressor for added sound suppression.

However, it’s important to note that these benefits come with a tradeoff. Players who equip the GRU Combo Grip will experience slower aiming movement and aiming time They will be unable to use any muzzles or underbarrel attachments. Despite these drawbacks, many players consider the attachment well worth it for its advantages.

Unlocking the GRU Combo Grip is no easy feat. To earn it, players must achieve 50 headshots with the AK-47, proving their mastery of the weapon. Once unlocked, the GRU Combo Grip is a game-changing addition to any AK-47 loadout, making it a highly coveted and powerful tool on the battlefield.

Branson – ASM10

The Branson is an impressive CoD Mobile Signature Attachment that players can exclusively equip on the ASM10 assault rifle. This attachment has been modeled after the classic AN-94 rifle, giving the ASM10 a “hyperburst” mode. The first two rounds of every trigger pull fire at an increased rate of fire, similar to previous iterations of the AN-94.

In addition to the hyperburst feature, the Branson attachment also provides the ASM10 with reduced recoil and increased range. This makes it a powerful tool on the battlefield. However, equipping the attachment comes with mild mobility debuffs, which players need to keep in mind while using it.

To unlock the Branson attachment, players must achieve 30 headshot kills using an assault rifle. This is no easy task, but once players have unlocked the attachment, they will have access to a game-changing addition to their ASM10 loadout.

Cooling Compressor Barrel – RPD

The Cooling Compressor Barrel is a strong CoD Mobile Signature Attachment for the RPD. This attachment has the unique ability to allow players to fire an infinite amount of bullets.

However, players should be aware that the Cooling Compressor Barrel also comes with a drawback. It has an overheat mechanic that can slow down movement speed. Despite this, the attachment provides significant benefits, such as increased range, improved recoil control, and greater resistance to flinching. It’s worth noting that the ADS bullet spread does worsen with this attachment.

To unlock the Cooling Compressor Barrel, players must achieve 50 long-range kills with an LMG. It’s a challenging task, but one that’s well worth it, as the attachment can significantly boost the effectiveness of the RPD in battle.

RTC Retractable Barrel – Striker

The RTC Retractable Barrel is an incredibly strong CoD Mobile Signature Attachment that’s only available for the Striker shotgun. One of the main advantages of the RTC Retractable Barrel is its retractable mechanism. This allows players to switch between a longer and shorter barrel. 

The longer barrel provides increased range, while the shorter barrel allows for quicker aiming and movement. Additionally, the attachment provides improvements in accuracy, control, and damage range, making it a must-have for any serious Striker user.

To obtain the RTC Retractable Barrel, players will need to head to the events section of the game. This attachment cannot be unlocked through leveling up weapons, but it’s well worth the effort to obtain it. With the RTC Retractable Barrel equipped, players will have a significant advantage over their opponents in close-range combat situations.

Wild Fire – M16

As a Signature Attachment for the M16 in Call of Duty: Mobile, Wild Fire was introduced in Season 10: World Class update of 2022. With this attachment, the M16 transforms from a burst-fire rifle into a fully automatic rifle. However, players must bear in mind that this perk comes at a cost, with a minor drop in accuracy, a slightly slower fire rate, and lower damage multipliers. To unlock Wild Fire, players need to achieve a certain number of kills using the M16.


Thunderbolt Sling – HBRa3

For Call of Duty: Mobile players looking to get the most out of their HBRa3 assault rifle, the Thunderbolt Sling Signature Attachment is a must-have. With the Thunderbolt Sling equipped, players will experience a significant boost in the weapon’s overall performance. This attachment offers a range of benefits, including decreased sprint-to-fire time and reduced horizontal and vertical recoil. 

This makes it much easier to control the weapon and deliver accurate shots to your targets. The attachment also slightly improves bullet penetration while slightly worsening ADS movement speed and bullet spread.

To unlock the Thunderbolt Sling attachment, players must get 30 hipfire kills with any assault rifle. Once unlocked, players will be able to enjoy a significant improvement in their HBRa3’s performance, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents.

Maevwat Omega-1 – DL Q33

The DL Q33 has a unique CoD Mobile Signature Attachment called the Maevwat Omega-1. It applies a Concussion effect on enemies hit by the weapon. This attachment reduces the magazine size from 6 to 4 and also slows down the reload time and movement speed of the player. Pairing it with the Disable perk can be particularly useful against slow-moving enemies. To unlock the Maevwat Omega-1, players need to complete the seasonal challenge.

Underbarrel Stun Gun – Pharo

The Pharo in Call of Duty: Mobile has a unique Signature Attachment called the Underbarrel Stun Gun. This attachment replaces the Quick Knife button with a Stun Gun fire button, enabling players to take out nearby enemies with an electric shock. However, it has a limited range and requires precision aiming to be effective. It can also damage the XS1 Goliath, but it’s not recommended to rush towards it unless it’s on low health. The Underbarrel Stun Gun can be unlocked through the seasonal challenge.

Underbarrel Launcher – M4

The M4 is a classic weapon that has been around since the early days of the game. Although not as commonly used in the meta, it still has its advantages. One such advantage is the underbarrel launcher attachment, which can prove useful in taking out enemies in front of the player. Unlocking it requires completing a series of challenges in the events section.

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