The 3 Most Popular eSports Games to Bet on in 2022

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The world of eSports has been on the rise recently, with more and more people getting involved in competitive gaming. And while there are many different games that you can bet on, some are more popular than others. 

Millions play CS:GO around the world
Members of Team Dignitas react during the CS:GO World Finals on Day Two of the Girl Gamer Esports Festival at Meydan Racecourse on February 22, 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images)

Here are three of the most popular eSports games to bet on in 2022: 

1. League of Legends 
One of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena games out there, League of Legends, is played by millions of people worldwide. The game is extremely strategic, and there are many different ways to play it, making it perfect for betting. 

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
Another extremely popular game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game that has been around for over a decade. The game is constantly evolving, which makes it interesting to watch and bet on. 

3. Dota 2 
Dota 2 is another massively popular multiplayer online battle arena game, and it is one of the most played games in the world. The game is extremely complex, and there are many different ways to play it – making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy betting on eSports.

A guide to betting on eSports in 2022

There are a few things to remember when betting on eSports in 2022. First, research the teams and players that will be competing. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses and any recent changes to their rosters is important.

Second, understand the different types of bets that can be placed on eSports matches. Unlike in casino games, such as games provided through Skill On Net or betting on other sports, betting on eSports has fewer bet types available. The most common bet is a moneyline bet, which requires you to pick the winner of the match.

However, other types of bets exist, such as prop and live betting. 

Third, shop around for the best odds before placing your bet. Several sportsbooks offer odds on eSports matches, so it is important to compare them before deciding where to place your bet. Finally, always remember to gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Why you should bet on eSports in 2022

There are a few reasons why you should bet on eSports in 2022. First, the industry is growing at an incredible rate. In 2020, the global eSports market was worth $1.1 billion.

By 2022, it is expected to be worth $2.96 billion. This rapid growth is attracting more and more investors, which means more money is flowing into the industry. 

Finally, the legal landscape for betting on eSports is also improving. In 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down a law that had banned sports betting in most states. This ruling allowed states to legalize sports betting, and many have done so since then.

As more states legalize sports betting, including betting on eSports matches, it will become easier and more convenient for people to bet on eSports.

The future of eSports betting

The future of eSports betting is looking very bright. In 2022, the industry is expected to reach the worth of around $30 billion. This is a huge increase from the $12 billion it was worth in 2018. 

There are a few factors that are driving this growth. Firstly, there are more and more people watching eSports. The global audience is expected to reach 450 million in 2022. This is a lot of potential customers for bookmakers. 

Secondly, there is more money being invested in eSports. This includes investment from traditional sports teams, as well as from companies outside of the industry. This means more prize money is available, making it more attractive for professional gamers. 

Finally, more countries are legalizing and regulating eSports betting. This boosts the industry, giving bookmakers the certainty they need to operate legally and safely. 

eSports are getting more popular, and as their popularity increases, so does the number of people interested in eSports betting.

Edited by: Parth J