How to Obtain Prismarine In Minecraft Legends?



Here’s our Minecraft Legends guide that will help you to unlock Prismarine materials. You can upgrade structures and improve towers with these materials.

Minecraft Legends, the official spin-off to Minecraft has been launched finally. The strategy based game retains most features and content from Minecraft. Some new features are biomes, mobs, skeletons, and resources. The world of Minecraft comes in a different version and you need to complete tasks to gain resources from NPCs and villagers. 

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Prismarine was an essential resource in Minecraft and the item is now available in Minecraft Legends. Prismarine can be used to upgrade skills, structures, and more. You won’t be able to farm and craft prismarine like in Minecraft. In Minecraft Legends, the procedures are different to get Prismarine materials. Here are the best ways to obtain and farm prismarine in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends Prismarine

Minecraft Legends – Steps to Unlock Prismarine

Prismarine is an important resource in the game. Without Prismarine, progressing in Minecraft Legends will be a challenging task for all players. You can unlock prismarine in various ways. Here are the best tips to get one.

  • Whenever piglins and other mobs invade a village, you can get Prismarine materials by successfully defending them. After rescuing villagers, you can get Prismarine from the village chest.
  • You can break random Piglin structures and bases near camps, outposts, and other locations in villages to get Prismarine as drops
  • Complete challenges and defeat mobs and piglins to get unlimited Prismarine

Currently, these are the only options to unlock Minecraft Legends Prismarine items. After getting one, you can use it for various purposes. You will also be able to unlock other materials while doing these.

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Uses of Minecraft Legends Prismarine Materials

You can upgrade structures and abilities with Prismarine resources. You can simply use it from the Well of Fate. Prismarine is also required to build and upgrade towers in Minecraft Legends. Prismarine can be used for Flame of Creation and other upgrades. Overall, Prismarine is an essential resource that can be used to upgrade materials in the game.

Unlock prismarine and level up faster in the game. We will come back with more Minecraft Legends updates and guides soon.

Is Minecraft Legends Coming for Mobile?

Minecraft Legends from Mojang Studios and the Blackbird Interactive team has been released. The sandbox adventure game is available to play on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX. As of now, a mobile version of Minecraft Legends is not available. Just like Minecraft, you can expect the game to be released for mobile. You can try playing the game on Android through XBOX Cloud Gaming. An official confirmation regarding the mobile version release is awaited from the team of Minecraft Legends. Until then, you can play the game on other consoles.

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