Genshin Impact Return to the Control Center Quest Guide


The Genshin Impact Return to the Control Center Quest can be confusing. Read our guide below to learn everything.

To complete the Genshin Impact quest titled As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha, one of the objectives is to Return to the Control Center. This objective is fairly simple to achieve as players can follow a little green Farrwick to its destination and solve a puzzle that involves a Rune Mechanism. 

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you have already completed the Open the Ruins’ Gate objective. The puzzle to Return to the Control Center is identical in function to the one you had to solve earlier, but the answer is completely different. The Farrwick even reveals the pattern you’re supposed to enter on the wall near the Rune Mechanism by flying around the room. This Genshin Impact Return to the Control Center quest guide has everything you are looking for.


Genshin Impact Return to the Control Center Quest Guide

After obtaining the Energy Block, you may be unsure of where to go next as the location is not marked on the map. However, you can follow Farrwick, the small green fairy-like creature, who will lead you to the Control Center, despite some obstacles on the way.

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One of these obstacles is the Rune Mechanism puzzle, which many readers may be looking for help with in this Genshin Impact guide. Observant players may notice that Farrwick can reveal the pattern needed to solve the puzzle by illuminating the wall. However, you can also solve the puzzle without waiting for this to happen.


The shapes required for the Rune Mechanism puzzle are as follows: the upper level should have a square, the middle level should have a W shape, and the bottom level should have another square. Rotate the upper and bottom levels twice, and the middle level once to complete the puzzle. Once solved, the nearby gate will open, allowing you to continue following Farrwick.

At some point in time, the creature will direct players of Genshin Impact to two Ruin Guards. After waiting for their drawn-out awakening animation to finish playing, you can defeat them with whatever characters your team currently possesses. After that, you can grab whatever that they leave behind and keep following the Farrwick until it reaches its destination.

Ruin Guards
Ruin Guards

Golden orb

It will eventually bring you to an orb of a golden colour that you can interact with in order to unlock a door in the immediate area. The Farrwick will remain in this location, but that is perfectly acceptable considering that you no longer require it. After passing through the door, proceed forward with your journey to Nasejuna in order to complete the Return to the Control Centre quest objective.

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Install the energy block

After that, another cutscene will play, and players of Genshin Impact will observe Nasejuna talking about his notes. After that, you shouldn’t have any problems installing the Energy Block. This article is intended to be used primarily for the mission “Return to the Control Centre.” Check out this hyperlinked guide for further information on how readers can get assistance with the entire adventure.

In Genshin Impact, completing the whole quest can be a time-consuming process. This is especially true given that some players may struggle with certain aspects of the quest’s progression.

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