How to Beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft



Check our guide to find the best tips and strategies to defeat the flying boss Ender Dragon in Minecraft.

Minecraft has many bosses and mobs. You will need to win the battle against these mobs who are powerful in the villages of Minecraft. Defeating the mobs will also grant you the basic resources and rewards that will help you to complete the challenges of Minecraft faster. One among the many mobs in Minecraft is the Ender Dragon hostile boss mob. She is one of the biggest flying and hostile boss mobs in Minecraft. The Ender Dragon is a flying dragon mob and she can unleash fire projectiles and flames at you. As of now, the Ender Dragon mob spawns only in a single biome on the Minecraft map.

The Ender Dragon has high HP and Melee Attacks that made her one of the most dangerous hostile mobs in Minecraft. Her dragon acid attacks, aerial attacks, and melee combos can kill anyone in a single shot. Defeating the Ender Dragon will also reward you with some experience points. The Ender Dragon doesn’t stay on the ground, she keeps flying and attacks while in the air. Ender Dragon is also resistant to every block and move, so you need to bring your best powers and abilities to defeat her in Minecraft. Here’s our Ender Dragon mob fight guide that will help you to defeat her in Minecraft.

Ender Dragon Boss Mob Guide

You can find the Ender Dragon in the End realm where there are several separate islands filled with Endermen and Shulkers. The place where Ender Dragon spawns is made of End Stone. Get to the End Realm after entering the portal room and activating the end portal.

The boss fight against the Ender Dragon will be in the last stages of Minecraft. You can kill her in the game’s survival mode. Before battling against the final boss of Minecraft, you will require a lot of equipment, weapons, and resources to endure her attacks. You need a Potion of Slow Falling, Health Potion, Food, Gears, Netherite or Diamond Sword, Crossbow or Bow with arrows, Beds, Armor, and more to tackle her attacks.

Ender Dragon Minecraft
Ender Dragon Boss in Minecraft

The Ender Dragon flies and attacks, before killing her make sure to clear the end crystals with your bow which is on the top of obsidian towers. Then you can continue to attack the Ender Dragon from the place. The end crystals need to be destroyed completely else the dragon will never run out of HP. Use your bow and arrows initially to deal damage. Protect yourselves with Armor and whenever you are down with energy or health, consume food. Block here attacks with Armor and continue to attack her with your bow and arrow attacks constantly, as they can only deal damage to a flying unit like the Ender Dragon. The arrows can be lethal for the Ender Dragon and it will quickly reduce her energy and HP.

You can either block or dodge her attacks. Shoot her with the arrows, and then use your beds to create a wave of explosions that will quickly reduce her health. Continue with same strategy and keep attacking the boss.

Use your Armor to protect yourself from the boss’ massive attacks. The Ender Dragon can deal massive damage, and you must have enough HP to complete the battle without getting killed.  Utilize the eyes of ender to the end portals to avoid her dragon acid and melee attacks. Block her moves and shoot your arrows and throw the bed explosives to complete the battle.

Continue with the same strategy and after a while, the battle against the Ender Dragon ends. Then you can use the portal to leave the End realm and collect your rewards. You will get more than 20,000 XP along with a Dragon Egg as drops. The dragon egg can also be used as a trophy achievement. Defeat the Ender Dragon mob as this will also help you to get a massive XO reward that you can utilize to progress and level up faster in the game.

That’s how you can defeat the Ender Dragon mob boss in Minecraft. Follow our guide and walkthrough to easily defeat the Ender Dragon and collect your EXP rewards. We will be back with more Minecraft guides and updates soon.

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