Valorant Lotus Map Defense Guide – Strategy, Best Agents, and More

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New Lotus Map is added in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1. Check our guide to know the best defense strategy and agents for Valorant Lotus Map.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 has been unveiled with plenty of updates and new features. Lotus Map has been the major attraction among every Valorant fan. The new Indian-based Lotus map has included some of the beautiful and picturesque locations in Valorant. Lotus is the 9th map in Valorant with three unique sites. The map is based in the western ghats and has a lot of new locations. You need to know everything about the three sites A, B, and C before invading other places to attack and defend. 

There are three major bomb sites in the lotus map, and you invaders can come easily from any direction. You must know every spot in these bomb locations on the lotus map to protect yourself from enemies. For those who are looking for the best Defense guide for the latest Lotus map in Valorant, here’s our Valorant lotus map Defense guide along with the best agents to go with.

Lotus Map Defense Strategy & Best Agents

The best defense in the lotus map is all about having the best agents on your side. You can assign different agents for all three sites. The three major bomb locations also have unique mechanisms with rotating doors, walls, and more. Here are the best agents to defend in all three new sites in the Lotus map of Valorant.

A Site 

Valorant offers a variety of agents for attack and defense. The A Site in the new Lotus map is filled with rotating doors, roots, and trees. The best defensive strategy for site A is the Sentinel Killjoy. Killjoy boasts the best damage stats, and her Nanoswarm and alarm bot along with the lockdown ability will be just enough to get you the best protection in the A Site. The first preference for many enemies is Site A, having an agent like Killjoy would be the best strategy for this zone.

Map Layout valorant lotus
Map Layout

B Site

B Site is the toughest zone to defend in the new Lotus map. The Enemies can rush in via the pillars, entry points, and main points, you can play as Cypher to smoke off B main with his Spycam and Neutral Theft abilities. Cypher can track enemies from a far distance using the Spycam. Cypher can stay near the main entry point, as this gives the best view of the enemies from other spots on this site. Go with cypher for B site, as no other agent can match his skills.

C Site

C Site is very easy to defend as there are no entry points. But anyone can invade this zone. Sage can be your best agent for defending the entire c site region. The enemies may sneak in via the gravel or main door, and utilize Sage as her resurrection and healing orb powers are just enough to get the best Defense in this spot. Enemies don’t invade the C site, as they are more comfortable sneaking through the other two spots. But still, a few enemies can enter the third site, you can go with Sage to protect yourself from the enemies.

More Tips for Defense in Valorant Lotus Map

Valorant Lotus map defense
Lotus Map

Apart from the above-mentioned agents, you can pick your favorite agents from Valorant. You can also go with a combination. Use the new weapons that have been added in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 to get the best results. Pick agents based on their abilities and skills for each Site. A and B sites are the best entry points for most enemies in Valorant, it’s best recommended to use your best agents in these two zones.

These are the best agents to defend in the new Lotus map in Valorant. Use these agents to get maximum protection in all the three sites of Lotus map. With this our lotus map defense strategy guide is done. We will be back with more Valorant updates soon .

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