How To Get Water Breathing In Demon Slayer Midnight Sun


Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Water Breathing is a versatile and powerful breathing style. It proves valuable in various scenarios.

Whether you aim to defeat multiple enemies simultaneously or confront mighty demons, Water Breathing is a powerful addition to your combat styles. 

Water Breathing remains one of the prominent breathing styles available in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun. It allows practitioners to unleash quick yet impactful slashes that can incapacitate fellow slayers and vanquish demons. It was originally used by Sakonji Urokodaki and adopted by Tomioka Giyu. Water Breathing is one of the primary breathing styles within the Demon Slayer series. It later becomes a crucial style for the main protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado.

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If you hold an affinity for any of the characters above or simply aspire to wield a breathing style characterized by smooth and potent attacks, continue reading to discover how you can get Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Water Breathing.

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How to Get Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Water Breathing 

If you want to learn the powerful technique called Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Water Breathing, there’s a special task you need to complete. The kind trainer who teaches Water Breathing will assign you a special mission. This mission involves battling a strong and skilled warrior who also uses Water Breathing techniques.

Defeating this warrior is not an easy task because they are really good at using Water Breathing in the fight. But if you manage to defeat them and come out as the winner, you will earn the ability to use Water Breathing yourself. It’s important to make sure that you land the final blow on the warrior after the intense battle.

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It is important to note that, like other breathing styles, you cannot have any active breathing styles while trying to learn Water Breathing. Failure to deactivate any existing breathing styles will prevent the triggering of the quest required for acquiring the Water Breathing style.

Location of the Water Breathing Trainer in Demon Slayer Midnight Sun

You can find the Water Breathing Trainer NPC just beyond the Thunder Breathing Trainer in the Slayer Village.

In conclusion, mastering the Water Breathing grants you access to a challenging and adaptable combat technique. By completing the quest assigned by the Water Breathing Trainer and emerging victorious in battle against the Water Breathing Slayer NPC, you can add this powerful breathing style to your arsenal. Visit the Water Breathing Trainer in the Slayer Village to start on this rewarding journey.

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