How To Get Thunder Breathing In Demon Slayer Midnight Sun


Looking for the Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Thunder Breathing? Get to the trainer and complete all the tasks he gives you, then this breathing style is yours.

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun, a popular Roblox game adaptation of the hit anime Demon Slayer, allows players to learn and utilize various breathing styles. The Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Thunder Breathing technique has garnered significant attention among these styles due to its thrilling and powerful nature. In this complete guide, we will acquire the Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Thunder Breathing style, including the location of the Thunder Breathing Trainer.

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How to get Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Thunder Breathing?

To unlock the Thunder Breathing style, players are required to go on a quest offered by the Thunder Breathing Trainer. During this quest, the trainer will challenge you to combat a formidable NPC called the Black Thunder user every time lightning strikes from the sky. Engaging in these battles is essential to test your skills and determination. Overcoming these challenges demonstrates your readiness to master the Thunder Breathing style.

Upon completing the quest, return to the Thunder Breathing Trainer to receive instruction on the style. You can access powerful skills such as Thunder Clap and Flash, Six Fold, Thunder Swarm, and more by learning this technique. Each skill enhances your combat prowess, enabling you to effectively vanquish demons that threaten the peace of the realm.

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It is essential to note that to learn the Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Thunder Breathing style, you must refrain from having any active breathing styles. Ensure you have no ongoing training or engagement with other breathing techniques before approaching the Thunder Breathing Trainer.

Location of the Thunder Breathing Trainer

Now, let us discuss the location of the Thunder Breathing Trainer in the game. Located southeast of the starting area, near Slayer Village, you will find a gazebo-like structure housing the Thunder Breathing Trainer. Seek out this location and interact with the trainer to begin mastering the Thunder Breathing style. The trainer’s guidance and expertise will prove invaluable as you strive to become a formidable Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun warrior.


In conclusion, acquiring the Thunder Breathing style in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun requires dedication, perseverance, and skill. By completing the Thunder Breathing Trainer’s quest and honing your abilities in battle, you will unlock the immense potential of this powerful breathing technique. Visit the Thunder Breathing Trainer at the designated location to embark on this thrilling path of mastery.

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