How to get Fortnite Grapple Blade in Chapter 5 Season 1?



Struggling to find Fortnite Grapple Blade? Then, you should follow these methods to unlock this melee equipment.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has added lots of POIs. The OG maps are removed and you have to explore the new maps, POIs and biomes. While completing challenges, you have to overcome some tricky spots. As there are traps, obstacles in high elevation locations, it’s essential to procure the best quest items in the game. The Grapple Blade has been unvaulted and this unique quest tool ensures you ascend higher levels. 

The Grapple Blade is a melee tool that also inflicts some damage to targets and it functions similarly to the ODM gear. The tool is a multi-use item and can be handy in snow biomes, trains and for new kickstart quests. Grapple Blade is a common quest item and can be equipped just like other resources. So, discover the best ways to unlock a Grapple Blade in Fortnite Chapter 5.

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Grapple Blade

Fortnite Grapple Blade – Best Ways to Unlock & Use

Grapple Blade works well in high altitude places and you can survive fire and other traps easily. Once you equip it, the cursor point is shown on the screen. Then you can aim at a spot and tap the controls to utilize its effects. Here are the best ways to unlock Grapple Blade in Fortnite,

Fortnite Grapple Blade
  • Unlock Grapple Blade tools from vaults
  • Grapple Blade spawns on the ground. So, you can procure it as a floor loot
  • You can loot Grapple Blade from Supply Drops and Chests. Also you can defeat enemies and steal it
  • The Steelsight NPC in Rebel Roost sells the tool for Gold Bars. If the item doesn’t spawn frequently, then you can visit this poi and pay some bucks to the NPC and secure the tool

That’s how you can get this mobility-based quest item in Fortnite. Having Grapple Blade in your bag ensures you traverse freely without getting trapped. The new Fortnite season has lots of boss fights in all biomes. So, this tool   will be highly effective against bosses.

As you use the Grapple Blade, it also deals melee damage to close-range enemies. Tap the fire button and aim on targets to unleash a heavy attack. The tool can be used for four matches. Before you activate the tools, make sure to check the remaining uses.

That’s how you can unlock and use the Grapple Blade tool. The best ways to get Grapple Blade in Fortnite have been listed above. Grab the equipment and complete the latest challenges and bonus goals. The Wood Stake Shotgun is another powerful weapon to use in this season.


Can you Loot on Fortnite Trains?

Yes, you can land on trains across Fortnite islands. While you land on a train, you can unlock treasure chest rewards, defeat enemies and perform actions. You can easily spot trains on maps and then land on the best spots. You can find chests, weapon caches and more loot.

How to Level Up in Fortnite?

To level up in Fortnite, you have to accumulate tons of XP. The best ways to farm dp are to play weekly quests, explore creative islands and take part in events. Fortnite Creative maps have plenty of locations where you can simply interact with xp buttons and earn unlimited XP.

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